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Assistant Professor, Justice Studies

Dickson Hall 314
973 655-7515
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B.A.:Neumann College
M.A.:Widener University
Ph.D.:Temple University
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Christopher Salvatore


Dr. Salvatore joined the faculty of Montclair State University in the fall of 2011. He received his MA in Criminal Justice from Widener University, and PhD in Criminal Justice from Temple University. Before joining Montclair State University he was a research assistant at Temple University where he worked in the following areas: program evaluations of therapeutic communities and juvenile drug courts, a study examining the effectiveness of using Juvenile Assessment Centers for STI screening and treatment in Hillsborough County Florida, and the implementation of evidence based practices in criminal justice settings.
Dr. Salvatore is currently working on projects examining the influence of emerging adulthood on offending and public perceptions of the criminal justice system.

Charleston Gazette article discussing the findings of Taniguchi and Salvatore (2012) and quote on the potential impact of drug treatment centers in communities:

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Emerging Adulthood, Youth Offending, Program Evaluation, Perceptions of the Criminal Justice System

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