Center for Clinical Services

Center Provides Community with Counseling Services

The University officially opened its new Center for Clinical Services this fall, providing the general public with a host of programs and services from mental health counseling and literacy development to psychotherapeutic services for children with autism.

The Center embodies the University’s commitment to making positive, meaningful contributions to its larger community – by both providing the public with access to affordable clinical services and by serving as a research hub.

The Center also provides students with professionally supervised opportunities to develop skills in treating clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Centrally located at 147 Clove Road, the Center has ample free parking and is easily accessible by car, bus or train, making clinical services more convenient to the public. “In the past, our various clinical services were scattered around campus,” says Montclair State Associate Provost for Academic Affairs Frederick Bonato. “Now, they are all under one roof, in one place members of the community can call on to get the support they need.”

Each program and clinic is staffed by licensed professionals, counselors and faculty who supervise advanced master’s and doctoral degree students-in-training. Fees are determined by a sliding scale based on income.

The Center houses the following clinics and programs:

  • Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health, which fosters the development and psychological well-being of children from birth through age 12, and their families, through psychotherapeutic services.
  • Community Counseling Clinic, offering children and adults compassionate counseling for everything from anxiety and depression to relationships and career decisions.
  • Clinic for Evidence-Based Practices in Schools, including academic and behavioral assessments and interventions for children ages 5 to 21, as well as professional development, coaching and training for school staff.
  • Nutrition Counseling, to help adults develop healthy eating habits by providing nutrition and weight control counseling.
  • Psychological Services Clinic, offering cognitive, academic, behavioral, social/emotional, psycho-educational assessments and providing evidence-based recommendations for school, home and/or outside interventions.
  • Summer Literacy Program, providing literacy development, support and instruction to prepare children for the start of each new school year.