Institute Mission

The Margaret and Herman Sokol Institute for Pharmaceutical Life Sciences supports transdisciplinary research among College of Science and Mathematics faculty, students, academic collaborators and industry collaborators in the areas of medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, biochemistry, natural products chemistry, molecular biology, computational sciences, environmental toxicology and pharmacology, and new emerging technologies such as biomaterials and nanotechnology.

The Sokol Institute promotes a diversity of research programs in the Pharmaceutical Life Sciences that impact human health in general. Part of the Institute's mission strives to bring a global perspective to some of its research with programs promoting the study of disease mechanisms and therapeutic approaches for AIDS, malaria, and other important global issues.

As a key resource for Sokol Research Fellows, College of Science and Mathematics faculty and students, and the surrounding pharmaceutical industry, the Institute creates advanced experimentation and discovery approaches such as high throughput screening, proteomics, biomaterial platforms and drug analysis technologies.

Through the strength of its faculty and facilities, the Institute is also helping develop advanced graduate and post-doctoral programs in pharmaceutical disciplines such as medicinal chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacology with the College of Science and Mathematics. In addition, the Institute establishes technology incubators with various business partners to promote the development of new life sciences technologies and products.