Visiting Students

Visiting (Non-Degree) Students  

This section is intended for those students applying to study at Montclair State University as non-degree-seeking students under the auspices of one of our current cooperative agreements. This information is not intended for other international students who are applying to Montclair State University outside of a university agreement. International students enrolled at universities which do not have a partnership agreement with Montclair State University should apply through the Office of Admissions as a non-degree student.


  1. Be currently enrolled in a degree program at a Montclair State University Partner Institution?.
  2. Be nominated by your home institution.
  3. Submit a completed application packet.


Students from partner universities wishing to study at Montclair State University for a “study abroad” as a visiting student must be nominated by their university and may apply for one semester or a full academic year.  Montclair State University will only consider students nominated by their home university.  

Criteria for Admission as a Visiting Student

All students wishing to study at Montclair State University as a visiting, non-degree student must meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled in good standing at their home university
  • Be nominated by their home institution
  • Submit a completed application packet which includes:  


Home University Nomination




Transcript in English plus a list of courses you are currently enrolled in


DS-2019 application


Bank statement or letter from sponsors indicating that student has the funds available to support study at Montclair State University


Copy of inside/photo pages of your passport.

Special Considerations for Partner Universities

Montclair State University will:

  • Offer each accepted visiting student discount on tuition equivalent to 35% off the out-of-state tuition rate.   
  • Waive the foreign credential evaluation requirement
  • Arrange housing, registration, orientation, special programs for visiting students

Application Procedure

To apply as an undergraduate visiting international student, applicants should follow the steps listed below. 

  • University International Office Advisor (or whoever is in charge of the University Agreement) must submit a statement nominating students for study abroad at Montclair State.  Along with the statement the Advisor should include a list of students with the following information:
      • Name of Student
      • Status (undergraduate or graduate)
      • Gender
      • Field of Study
      • Intended Term of Study (Fall, Spring or Academic Year)
  • Take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam and have the scores submitted with your application package

Acceptable scores are:

  • TOEFL computerized test  minimum score accepted is 213 written test minimum is 550
  • iBT test (internet) minimum score is  80
  • Minimum IELTS score of 6.5 
  • More information can be found at and at

Applicants who are citizens of the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, and have studied four years in their home country in English are exempt from TOEFL.  Per University agreements, students from the following partner universities are also exempt from submitting TOEFL scores:

  • University of Agder, Norway
  • University of Graz, Austria
  • FH Joanneum University, Austria
  • Kristianstad University, Sweden

In the above cases, the home institution shall screen applicants for English proficiency.  Other exemptions for TOEFL are made on a case by case basis.  Students from all other partner institutions must submit their current test scores with their application packets.

Graduate Students
Graduate students who wish to apply to Montclair State University as a visiting student for a semester or academic year must follow all application procedures outlined above.  IN ADDITION, graduate-level applicants must submit the following documentation:

  • Official evidence from the home institution that student has completed bachelor's degree
  • Official evidence from the home institution that student is enrolled in a graduate program
  • Official evidence from the home institution that credits received at Montclair State University will count toward the graduate degree at home institution
  • Student must complete an On-line Graduate Application  (application fee will be waived)

Depending on your field of study additional documentation may be requested.

Application Deadlines

For Fall Admission, all materials should be received by early March.

For Spring Admission, all materials should be received by early October.

Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis.  Admission is not guaranteed.

Have your Home Institution send all materials IN ENGLISH, to or via mail to
Global Education
Montclair State University
22 Normal Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07043
Attn: Study Abroad

Please contact Domenica Dominguez to request the DS-2019 Application.

DS-2019 Application for the J-1 Student Visa

Most Visiting International students enter the United States on the J-1 Student Visa. There are also other visa types that are allowed to study in the United States. If you have another visa and wish to know whether you can study full-time or part-time with that type of visa, contact International Services.
In order to obtain the DS-2019 Form necessary to apply for the J-1 visa, a student must show that they have sufficient financial support to cover all expenses during their semester or year at Montclair State University.


Visiting students are responsible for a paying all costs associated with their study at Montclair State.  This includes, but may not be limited to:

Tuition and Fees Montclair State University will provide you with a 35% discount on tuition. There is no discount on fees.  Please visit the Montclair State University Student Accounts website for cost details.

Immigration regulations require that all F-1 and J-1 students enroll for a full-time course load each semester. Full-time for undergraduate students is at least 12 credits for each fall and spring semester.


Visiting students may request housing in our Global Living Community   in the Village ApartmentsRoom rates vary depending on whether you are in a single or double bedroom.  International students living on campus can only be placed in the Village apartments.  Global Education discourages students from choosing to live off-campus, as there are few options available nearby that are affordable or easily commutable.  Also, living on campus is the best way to get the most of campus life!


Students may choose, but are not required, to purchase a Meal Plan.  Meal plans subsidize the cost of eating in campus cafeterias and other campus dining locations.  Students living in the Village have a kitchen in their apartments and may choose not to purchase any meal plan.


Students are also responsible for paying all costs associated with travel, insurance, books, supplies and personal expenditures during their study time at Montclair State. 


Selecting Your Courses/Registration

Once you are accepted, you will be contacted by our International Student Advisor to select your courses.  Visiting students, in most cases, may select courses in any of the University’s Schools and Departments.  There are a few exceptions, for example:

  • Visiting students are excluded from most accounting classes above the 200-level
  • English writing samples may be required for some classes
  • Portfolios may be required for some Art classes
  • Auditions may be required for some music classes
  • Prerequisite must be satisfied for some higher level courses

The Montclair State University International Student Advisor registers visiting students for classes, helping them maneuver through various departments’ requirements. During the semester prior to your arrival you will Choose Your Courses from the list of classes being offered during your term of study. 


Social & Cultural Programs
We are pleased to offer a wide variety of social, cultural, and adjustment programs that are focused on enhancing the educational experiences of international students and scholars at Montclair State University. For more information and details on the Global Living Community, please see our Social & Cultural Programs.

Orientation is generally the Friday before classes begin. Orientation provides students with information about their visas, how to get an on-campus job, campus organizations and activities, and other topics relevant to Montclair State University students.

International Visiting Student Application Deadlines

For Fall Admission, all materials should be received by early March.

For Spring Admission, all materials should be received by early October.

Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis.  Admission is not guaranteed.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the fall and spring semesters, but due to space constraints, there are limits to the number of visiting students from each university. Please keep in mind the time required to secure a visa when applying.

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