Student Research Symposium

The 9th annual Student Research Symposium was held in University Hall on April 26, 2015. Hundreds of students, representing every college, participated and presented their research on a plethora of topics. The day demonstrated the expanse of student research that occurs throughout the University. As with previous years, awards were given to undergraduates and graduates whose research took an interdisciplinary approach. Four awards were given, and information about the recepients can be seen below.  

Participation Breakdown

Oral 4 19 45 48 9 125
Poster 0 11 32 74 3 120
Total 4 30 77 122 12 245

Award Recipients

Awards were presented in the categories of "Best Interdisciplinary Poster Presentation" and "Best Interdisciplinary Oral Presentation." The awards are given to one undergraduate and one graduate student. These accolades are given in recognition of the students who's research embody the theme of the symposium, interdisciplinary work.

Graduate Oral Presentation
Presenter: David Lardier (CEHS)
Co-author: Veronica R. Barrios
Advisor: Dr. Jon Caspi
Title: A Family Therapist Matrix for Working with Adolescent and Sibling Substance Abuse
Undergraduate Oral Presentation
Presenter: Evans Mbai (CART)
Advisor: Dr. Lauren Carr
Title: Bridging the 2nd & 3rd Dimensions
Graduate Poster Presentation
Presenter: Melissa Rotsides (CHSS)
Advisor: Dr. Valerie Johnson
Title: SLP Graduate Students' Perceived Preparedness to Work with Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Populations
Undergraduate Poster Presentation
Presenter: Monica Stanislawczyk (CHSS)
Advisor: Dr. Ian Drake
Title: FDA and the First Amendment Effects on Off-Label Drug Marketing