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University Hall Grand Hallway, 1st Floor
1:30 - 1:45 pm Opening Remarks: Dr. Willard Gingerich 
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
The Intrinsic Value of Interdisciplinary Research
University Hall Room 1070
1:50 - 2:45 pm Oral and Multimedia Presentations Block A View Presentations in this Session

Graduate Award Nominees2044

Dr. Christopher McKinley

Understanding the recreational harvest of snapping turtles in New JerseyNatalie SherwoodDr. Meiyin WuPankaj Lal
Food choices and health outcomes: An international comparisonTheresa KoneskiDr. Douglas MurrayDouglas Murray, Renata Blumberg, Shahla Wunderlich
Children should be playing at a play - The importance of active participation through play in children's theatreRebecca CampbellMs. Andrea Stover
"The Monster’s" monster: Race, disability and social darwinism in Stephen Crane’s "The Monster"Jennifer DalyDr. Monika Elbert

Undergraduate Award Nominees2042

Ms. Linda Davidson

The making - and unmaking - of The Winter's Tale: A semiology of costumesAllison GormleyDr. Neil Baldwin
RIRPA-based ab initio molecular dynamicsRyan DykstraDr. Hendrik Eshuis
Latin American approaches to health and healingCassandra CalleDr. Mark Clatterbuck

Individual Rights in American Criminal Law2040

Dr. Ian Drake

Securing the right to privacy in an age of modern surveillance: What happens when technology evolves faster than the lawMishella RomoDr. Ian Drake
Mandatory Minimum Sentences: The Call for Reform in the Criminal Justice SystemJustin RucciDr. Ian Drake
Publicized adjudication: The legal and sociological impact of trial publicity in judicial hearingsRyan StacyDr. Ian Drake
Sometimes the wrong choice is the right choiceElias AydinDr. Ian Drake

New Security Threats from Crime, Ebola, Piracy, and Non-State Actors2032

Dr. Elizabeth Wishnick

Crime in Peru: Analyzing drug trafficking, narcoterrorism, and corruptionAnna SamanamuDr. Elizabeth Wishnick
Ebola and health security in Sierra LeoneSamuel GundlachDr. Elizabeth Wishnick
"Somali piracy: Human security and state security threatsZahra MustamandDr. Elizabeth Wishnick
Saudi Arabia’s border security dilemmaTravis GrossDr. Elizabeth Wishnick

Higher Education and Pedagogy2026

Dr. Peter Hosick

Assessing the state of academic programs in sports, events and tourism at universities across the USA - Looking at trends and what they suggest for pedagogy and career developmentJessica KarwowskiDr. Ricard Jensen
Nurturing teacher leaders through actions and agency: A differentiated science teacher leadership programZareen RahmanDr. Mika MunakataJason McManus, Kristen Trabona
Introducing dynamic measurement: A new approach to area and volumeDebasmita BasuDr. Nicole PanorkouMadhavi Vishnubhotla
Conceptualization of scientific inquiry: An analytical review of the empirical literatureTheodore GrahamDr. Brian Carolan
Going overseas: Challenges, benefits and lessons learned from international evaluationMarisa MacDonnellDr. Jennifer UrbanLauren Gama, Victoria Illnick, Rebecca Jensen, Lisa Chauveron, Veronica Barrios, Miriam Linver, Jennifer Urban

Government Regulation and Regulatory Policy2025

Dr. Vikash Singh

A content analysis of FDA warning letters issued to pharmaceutical companiesAvianca GoldstonDr. Yam LimbuMichael Jarjoura, Louis Marucci
What can we learn from warning letters issued to tobacco retailers?Victoria SteinDr. Yam LimbuFrank Costa, Brandon Pepi
The impact of deregulation of extended opening hours on small retailers’ productivity and quality of life: Evidence from ItalyCynthia KumMr. Valerio TemperiniDavid Lee
The modern day mercantilist system: The state of nature for multinational corporationsTroy DorchDr. Ian Drake

Art, Design, Gender2013

Dr. Mary Naumoff

Shiva Nataraja, the lord of danceGorkem ErogluDr. Elizabeth Valdez del Alamo
Splash dynamics of paint on dry, wet, and cooled surfacesDavid BaronDr. Ashwin VaidyaAshwin Vaidya, Haiyan Su
Menswear inspired by womenswearChristopher JonesDr. Abby Lillethun
Consequences of pleasure: The wolf of Wall Street and the subversion of the male gazeDaniel FerrerDr. Marylou Naumoff

Sports and Social Media2010

Dr. Ricard Jensen

Testing of twitter visual analytics to assess social media conversations (facebook, twitter and instagram) about the Portland Timbers of major league soccerNick CarbonaroDr. Ricard JensenMike Lutes, Josh Roth
Examining social media conversations about the 2015 FIFA Women’s World CupSydney GarciaDr. Ricard JensenPhil Forde, Sydnie Martinez
Identifying how soccer clubs in the English Premier League are using social media for sports marketing - A detailed look at the use of facebook, twitter, YouTube, and other new media by professional soccer clubsKent SagunDr. Ricard JensenGregory Jobeless, Chris Borrosso
Exploring twitter visual analytics to assess sponsor exposure from televised broadcasts of the Portland Timbers of major league soccerSadaf ChagatayDr. Ricard Jensen, Dr. Yam LimbuMichelle Buestan, Timothy Youngman
Examining television ratings in New Jersey and New York for the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup - Implications for sports marketingJarrell LozadaDr. Ricard JensenRokhaya Fall

Ecology and Environmental Health2009

Dr. Meiyin Wu

Experimental assessment of floating seagrass wrack as potential habitat for benthic organismsJoseph McGinnisDr. Paul BolognaPaul Bologna
Macroinvertebrate assemblages in selected New Jersey springsYaritza Acosta-CaraballoDr. Meiyin Wu
A phosphorus sediment storage assessment of Lake Hopatcong (NJ)Alessandra RossiDr. Meiyin WuKevin Olsen, Meiyin Wu

Social Justice2008

Dr. Tony Spanakos

Social justice in developmental scienceVeronica BarriosDr. Jennifer UrbanMarisa MacDonnell, Lisa Chauveron
Factors predicting unmet need and contraception use among married women in PakistanMuhammad RazaDr. Bradley van Eeden-Moorefield
The brics: A model for poverty reduction?Matthew ZuccaroDr. Tony Spanakos
Two decades, two worlds - A look into the 1996 and 2016 Olympic gamesEmma CimoMs. Kelly WhitesideFabricio Costa
2:45 - 3:00 pm Refreshment Break
University Hall Conference Center, 7th Floor
3:00 - 3:55 pm Poster Session Block A
University Hall Conference Center, 7th Floor View Presentations in this Session
Hostile intent cognitions as a moderator of negative life events and aggression in school-aged children (A37)Evelyn DuranDr. Jeremy FoxHolly Kobezak, Jenna Taffuri, Jeremy Fox, Julie Ryan, Leslie Halpern
Exploring variations in teacher and student agency in an out-of-school videogame-based mathematics class (A68)Justin Seventko Dr. Steven Greenstein
Unlawful enemy combatants: The rights of a faceless enemy (A66)Jonathan KyparissisDr. Ian Drake
Music influences food selection (A67)Sarah LyonsDr. Debra ZellnerAlexandra Pyper, Tamaru Geller, Khadeeja Riaz, Scarlet Ruiz, Sara Panei
Green tea polyphenols: A potential synergistic antibacterial agent in oral care products (A1)Yasmeen AbboudDr. Lee LeeAmy Lynn Melok, Siti Ayuni Mohamed Yossuf, Lee Lee, Christopher Chen
Comparison of turn alternation frequencies in nymph and adult Turkestan Cockroaches (Blatta lateralis) (A2)Andrew AboagyeDr. Scott Kight
Determining the optimal starting technique for stealing a base (A3)Connor AbreuDr. Steven Leigh
Macroinvertebrate assemblages in selected New Jersey springs (A4)Yaritza Acosta-CaraballoDr. Meiyin Wu
Class connect (A5)Jeffrey AdamskiDr. Christopher LeberknightSebastian Kufel
Model and analysis of statewide precipitation data over recent years (A6)Sahar AhmedDr. Andrew McDougall
Examining how allosteric mutations affect ligand binding and specificity on dihydrofolate reductase (A7)Melany AlfonsoDr. Nina GoodeyNina Goodey, Romy Perez, Danielle Marie Le Roux
Coping with loss and bereavement across long distances: Reflections of older immigrants (A8)Eva ApelianDr. Olena NesterukOlena Nesteruk, Ronica Pangilinan
Language development of goal spatial prepositions (A9)Jessica ArdisDr. Laura LakustaLaura Lakusta, Amrita Bindra, Michelle Indarjit
Prevalence of the pathogens Ranavirus and Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis among Woodfrog populations in the Pinelands (A10)Araba AssanDr. Kirsten Monsen-CollarDwa'a Alkhalaf
Green infrastructure (A11)Mikayla AtkinsDr. Greg Pope
A potential role for 5,10-methenyltetrahydrofolate to protect flavin adenine dinucleotide in the DNA repair enzyme photolyase (A12)Stephanie AvalosDr. Johannes SchelvisJohannes Schelvis
Application of near surface geophysical methods to image water table response in an Alpine Meadow, Northern California (A13)Mike AyersDr. Tanya BlacicTanya Blacic, Mitchell Craig, Sarah Yarnell
Eye-tracking fixation variation and interaction between verb telicity and adverb type (A14)Froogh AzizDr. David Townsend
Should college athletes receive compensation? (A15)Kyle BanasDr. Ian Drake
Impacts of gelatinous Zooplankton on pelagic community structure in Barnegat Bay, NJ (A16)Christie BarryDr. Paul BolognaPaul Bologna, John Gaynor
Coastal vulnerability of Atlantic County New Jersey (A17)Anthony BevacquaDr. Danlin Yu
The ecology of St. John Bay mangrove-root fouling communities: Recovery of the epibiota community (A18)Alan BuobDr. Paul BolognaPaul Bologna
Comparison of DNA repair in mesophilic and thermophilic systems (A19)Elizabeth BurgerDr. Yvonne GindtYvonne Gindt
Love that dirty water: Potential microbial diversity in on-street hot dog water (A20)Nelson CasanovaDr. John GaynorJessica Rajchel, Annamaria De Bari, Julian Paul Keenan, Robert Meredith
MSU sustainability center: Inspired by earthship (A21)Stephano CastroDr. Robert Taylor
Photoactivation of CF3I in the presence of photoexcited Ru(bpy)3+ (A22)Julianna ChedidDr. Hendrik Eshuis
Gun violence vs. state laws (A23)Matthew CheungDr. Greg PopeDanlin Yu, Jon Zawacki
Mangroves are dying (A24)Matthew CheungDr. Jorge TruebaJorge Trueba
Preservation of ancient barriers on the continental shelf: Insights from a simple morphodynamic model (A25)Daniel CiarlettaDr. Jorge TruebaJorge Trueba
Investigation of the mechanistic switch in VcCry1 (A26)Gabrielle ConnollyDr. Yvonne GindtYvonne Gindt
Student enrollment by county and geographic distance decay functions (A27)Isamar CortesDr. Greg PopeRoy Mateus, Mauricio Estaban Garcia, Rachel Ann Preece, Arianna Qira, Samiyah Roberts, Colin Trevors, Katrina Villani, et al.
Can the use of fuel-efficient (environmentally friendly) automobiles vary in Northern NJ counties? (A28)Isamar CortesDr. Greg Pope
Hyaluronidase in the venom of the Sea Nettle (Chrysaora quinquecirrha) (A29)Zachary CropleyDr. John Gaynor
Does social context influence positional, feeding and aggressive behavior in Turkestan Cockroach Nymphs, Blatta lateralis? (A30)Peter CruzDr. Scott Kight
Do secondary school mathematics textbooks provide opportunities for realistic problem-solving? (A31)Mary DaltonDr. Eileen Fernandez
The euphoric affect of the anti drug abuse act (A32)Rashad DaysDr. Ian Drake
Development of negative mode free radical activated glycan structure elucidation reagents (A33)Nikunj DesaiDr. Jinshan GaoJungeun Lee
A comparative analysis of the ZAP-70 gene in mammals (A34)Rebecca DhawanDr. Robert MeredithRobert Meredith
Female Genital Mutilation in the U.S.: Scope and prevention methods (A35)Mame Kani DiopDr. Pearl Stewart
Evaluating the consistency of soccer match analysis techniques (A36)Jeffrey DuarteDr. Steven LeighNicolas Barrios
An investigation of automatic access to spatial representations of numbers (A38)Patrick DwyerDr. Yoav AriehYoav Arieh
Functional consequences of ICER ubiquitination (A39)Dina EdaniDr. Carlos MolinaRossara Nunez, Joseph Bulatowicz
Characterization of isolated actinobacteriophage using polymerase chain reaction (A40)Schyler EdwardsDr. Sandra Adams
A tool support for managing implicit requirements using common sense knowledge (A41)Onyeka EmeboDr. Aparna VardeAparna Varde
Annotation of novel Mycobacterium and Arthrobacter bacteriophage genomes from New Jersey soil (A42)Tony FeghaliDr. Kirsten Monsen-CollarYesenia Acosta, Mohamad Abboud, Jennifer Michelle Aguirre, Omran Ahmadi, Edward Shamarr Anderson, Anthony Arena, Joshua Bacatan, et al.
French language, identity, and discrimination (A43)Dustine FinckMs. Anne-Caroline Sieffert
Sharing lab and learning successes: The art of public relations (A44)Lauren GamaDr. Miriam LinverLisa Chauveron, Rebecca Jensen, Marisa MacDonnell, Veronica Barrios, Victoria Illnick, Jennifer Brown Urban, Miriam Linver
An examination of the sociodemographic and health determinants of major depressive disorders in black women using NHANES data (A45)Michelle GardnerDr. Ndidiamaka AmutahNdidiamaka Amutah, Laurén Doamekpor
Effects of World Trade Center 9-11 particulate matter on mitochondrial damage seen in human lung cell in vitro (A46)Vern GatsonDr. Ann Marie DiLorenzoMomna Hassan, Christian Gonzales, Rebekah Madrid, Lara Seder, Eric Tobias, Ann Marie DiLorenzo
Computational techniques for measuring internet censorship (A47)Zhisong GeDr. Christopher Leberknight
New molybdenum bronze phases (A48)Brian GiraldoDr. Lynn SchneemeyerLynn Schneemeyer, Theo Siegrist, Tiglet Besara
A hands-on application-based tool for STEM students to understand differentiation (A49)Briana GoncalvesDr. Amir GolnabiAusamah Hobbi, Amir Golnabi
Isolation and characterization of novel mycobacterium smegmatis and arthrobacter sp. bacteriophage from New Jersey soil (A50)Wedad HaddabehDr. Sandra AdamsYesenia Acosta, Mohamad Abboud, Jennifer Aguirre, Omran Ahmadi, Edward Anderson, Anthony Arena, Joshua Bacatan, et al.
Do public prisons achieve the goals of the criminal justice system better than private, for-profit prisons? (A51)Christopher HalleranDr. Ian Drake
Investigating the correlation between cognitive fatigue and brain iron deposition in Basal Ganglia in Multiple Sclerosis (A52)Emilyrose HavrillaDr. Josh SandrySarah Wood, Ekaterina Dobryakova, Zhiguo Jiang, Bing Yao
Neuroscience and judging (A53)Markil HowardDr. Ian Drake
Re-inventing the (pottery) wheel: Ceramic production in ancient Greece (A54)Sophia HudzikDr. Deborah Chatr Aryamontri
Groundwater depletion in aquifers of the New Jersey coastal plain (A55)Michael JohnsonDr. Greg Pope
Investigating cervical spine motion while transferring football players to a stretcher (A56)Jennifer KalashDr. Steven LeighTyler Melnicove
Measuring vortex length through numerical simulation of a flow channel (A57)Matt KarlsonDr. Bogdan Nita
Determining late pleistocene to early holocene deglaciation patterns within the Hanö Bay of the Baltic Sea through sedimentological core sample analysis (A58)April KellyDr. Sandra PasschierSandra Passchier
Socioeconomic status and malnutrition: A global approach (A59)Ora KempDr. Amanda Birnbaum
Molecular cloning and expression of chrysaoralin: A novel pore-forming toxin from jellyfish venom (A60)Anup KhanalDr. John GaynorGeorge Shchegolev
Meaning behind English intonation for native Indonesian L2 learners (A61)Uswatun KhasanahDr. Jonathan HowellGina Cordero
Coupled modeling of coastal dunes and socio-economic impacts (A62)Jesse KolodinDr. Jorge Trueba
Salinity tolerance of two-lined salamanders (A63)Kelly KrolikDr. Lisa Hazard
Grain size and organic geochemistry of the Kattegat sediment to determine paleoenviornments of the last interglacial-glacial cycle (A64)Taylor KrolikDr. Sandra Passchier
The debate on immunizations (A65)Mildred KroungDr. Ian Drake

* Graduate Award Nominees for Poster Presentations
** Undergraduate Award Nominees for Poster Presentations

4:00 - 4:55 pm Oral and Multimedia Presentations Block B View Presentations in this Session


Dr. Douglas Murray

A content analysis of regulatory letters released to dietary supplement manufacturersNisa AriasDr. Yam LimbuRosenny Martinez, Imani Odom, Frank Buchel
Comparing measurements of emotional reactions to salt intake using facereader and hedonic self-reports: A preliminary studyMohamad KhairDr. Charles FeldmanRenata Blumberg, Charles Feldman, Shahla Wunderlich
Environmental determinants of healthy food choicesIman AbdulRafiuDr. Deborah RaginErin Leo, Rebecca Bohmer


Dr. Melinda Knight

Langston Hughes; More than poetry, more than proseRashaneegon JohnsonDr. Melinda Knight
The existential dilemma of Harlem Renaissance author Nella LarsenKim Silva-MartinezDr. Melinda Knight
Becoming one with time: Literary immortality in “Sonnet 18”Faneeza LatchanaDr. Adam Rzepka
"She is gone": Melancholy in donne's anniversariesKimberly PlaksinDr. Adam Rzepka
Facts in fiction: An interdisciplinary approach to gaining legal understanding through literatureLauren HaberstrohDr. Marilyn Tayler

Literature and Multiculturalism2042

Dr. Monika Elbert

Don Quijote: “Stew a la cervantes - Un potage a la Cervantes”Joseph DiazDr. Linda Gould Levine
The complex identity of Quisqueya, HaitiCala FilsDr. Joanna Dezio
The influence of Don Quixote de la Mancha on the silent films of Charlie ChaplinJoseph GonzalezDr. Linda Gould Levine
Lineage: A humanist interpretation of Don QuijoteWilkin SantanaDr. Linda Gould Levine

Race and Ethnicity2040

Dr. Sangeeta Parashar

Racially charged costumes: A report on 'othering" behaviorFe Lorraine ReyesDr. Marylou Naumoff
Borderlands and Mexican-American identityMia GomezDr. Elspeth Martini
Latino youth advocating for social changeCarolina MendoncaDr. Bradley ForenzaBradley Forenza

Business and Economics2032

Dr. Elspeth Martini

Statistical models for predicting credibility for bankersMichael RestrepoDr. Haiyan Su
Is there profitability in responsibility?Nicholas WilliamDr. Manveer Mann
The prevalence of social media marketing among Italian SMEsAlban DalliuMr. Valerio TemperiniFarakh Chaudhry, Jovan Djuratovic
Economic inconsistencies of the mid-twentieth century and the unfulfilled mission of the national park serviceChristopher SudolDr. Esperanza Brizuela-Garcia
Borderlands in the Great Lakes: The native struggle redefinedTaylor HagyDr. Elspeth Martini

Health Care Policy and Public Health–2026

Dr. Lisa Lieberman

A view on the constitutional rights of adolescent patientsBrian MurrayDr. Ian Drake
A social ecological perspective on the Indonesian maternal mortality problemInraini SyahDr. Amanda Birnbaum
‘Nicotine free challenge’ call for actions!Kadek Ridoi RahayuDr. Lisa Lieberman
An environmental assessment of drinking fountains and vending machinesAlessandro CiariMs. Melanie Shefchik
Fatalities on America's highways: Trends and tendenciesKeyan Ostad-HashemiDr. Greg Pope

Chemistry and Biochemistry I2025

Dr. Nina Goodey

Ionic liquid based fluorescent sensors for cationsJohanna BreiningerDr. Saliya Desilva
A fluorescent sensor for Zinc (II) ions with an additional PET pathway to suppress protons signalsBrian HuapayaDr. Saliya DesilvaAndrew Schneier
Metals and microbes at Liberty State ParkEleanor OjinnakaDr. Nina GoodeyNina Goodey, Jennifer Krumins, Jay Singh
Expression, purification, and enzymatic profile of Brugia malayi dihydrofolate reductaseRomy Perez-AbrahamDr. Nina Goodey

Chemistry and Biochemistry II2013

Dr. Sandra Passhier

Binding of KL001 to CRY-DASH as a function of FAD oxidation statePamela Jumbo CuevaDr. Yvonne GindtDavid Konas, Derek Darby, Yvonne Gindt
Modeling the formation of tetrahydropyranyl radicals via hydrogen abstractionRobert BoothDr. Marc Kasner
Investigation of pH effects on the formation and degradation of unusual oxidation states in Sufolobus solfactaricus photolyaseJustin VercellinoDr. Yvonne GindtMengqi Li, Sudipto Munshi, Robert Stanley, Yvonne Gindt

Environment and Disasters2010

Dr. Jennifer Krumins

Environmental correlates of ranavirus disease distribution in New JerseyAdriana MessyaszDr. Lisa HazardLisa Hazard, Kirsten Monsen-Collar
Analysis of pliocene core DVDP-11 as evidence of a vegetated coastlineChristina VerhagenDr. Sandra Passchier
Transport and distribution of heavy metals in sediment in Bohai BayYuanyi LiDr. Huan FengHuan Feng, Dekui Yuan, Jing Nie
5:00 - 5:55 pm Oral and Multimedia Presentations Block C View Presentations in this Session

War and Violence2009

Dr. Brian Smith

Causal effects of occupation: What drives individuals to violence?Travis GrossDr. Tony Spanakos
Because God says so! How and why cult members fall victims of the Stockholm syndrome: The example of JonestownSeraphine Nzue-AgbadouDr. Lois OppenheimGrace Agbadou
Democracy in the Middle East and its effect on human rights: An interdisciplinary analysisTamara AnaieDr. Ian Drake
The liberal and realist approach for war and peaceValeria ValleDr. Brian Smith

Infants, Children, and Youth2008

Dr. Laura Lakusta

The language of support in young children’s spontaneous speechMaria BrucatoDr. Laura LakustaAmrita Bindra, Madalyn Polen, Laura Lakusta, Barbara Landau
Infants categorization of goal eventsDanielle SpinelliDr. Laura LakustaSamantha Farese
Thinking ahead: The role of goal selection in youth future mindednessMarisa MacDonnellDr. Jennifer UrbanLisa Chauveron, Veronica Barrios, Lauren Gama, Victoria Illnick, Rebecca Jensen, Miriam Linver, Jennifer Urban
Predicting positive youth development from self regulation and sense of purpose in early adolescenceLauren GamaDr. Miriam LinverVictoria Illnick, Marisa MacDonnell, Veronica Barrios, Lisa Chauveron, Rebecca Jensen , Miriam Linver, Jennifer Urban


Dr. Glen Gill

Agricultural symbolism as the foundation of mythSamantha BohrDr. Glen Gill
Mythology and the human psyche: C.G. Jung on the rebirth of manRyan OxildDr. Glen Gill
Classical and medieval mythologies through the lens of FreudDaniel SalazarDr. Glen Gill


Dr. Anna Feldman

Automatic annotation of game-changing events in an eSports corpusEmily OlshefskiDr. Anna Feldman
Unsupervised identification of idiomatic expressionsHamza JazmatiDr. Anna Feldman, Dr. Jing Peng
The importance of visual prosody in sentiment discriminationJoanne QuinnDr. Jonathan Howell


Dr. Yi Luo

Identifying users in an anonymized social networkAndrew PallottoDr. Jonathan Cutler
Rights for robots? Should beings with artificial intelligence be accorded human rights?Priya PersaudDr. Ian Drake
Bridging the 2nd and 3rd dimensions: Crossing overEvans MbaiMs. Lauren Carr

Counseling and Psychology2026

Dr. Joshua Sandry

Applying neuroscience research to counseling practice for neurocurious cliniciansKathy ShoemakerDr. Leslie Kooyman
The relationship between bullying and suicidal ideations among suburban adolescents: The mediating risk factorsDavid Lardier Jr.Dr. Robert ReidVeronica Barrios, Pauline Garcia-Reid, Robert Reid
The effect of future oriented tasks vs incidental orienting task on item-to-item associationsVictoria WintersDr. Joshua Sandry
Flexibility of the focus of attention and its effect on long-term memory for sequentially presented informationMark ZuppichiniDr. Joshua SandryJoshua Sandry

Microbiology and Natural Products2025

Dr. Lee Lee

Testing the efficacy of green tea polyphenols in inhibiting the germination of endospores of Bacilli sp. through in-vitro analysisBushra AliDr. Lee Lee
Green tea polyphenols inhibit biofilm formation in the dental cavity causing bacteria streptococcus mutansAmy Lynn MelokDr. Lee Lee
Green tea polyphenols and antibiotics synergistically inhibit the growth of bacteriaSiti Ayuni Mohamed YussofDr. Lee Lee
Analysis of novel alternative to targeting prosthetic joint infections in vitroChristopher ChenDr. Lee Lee

Physics and Applied Math2013

Dr. Eric Forgoston

Gravitational waves from eccentric binariesBlake MooreDr. Marc Favata
"Early-warning signals" predictors of extinction events in dynamical modelsWalter UllonDr. Eric Forgoston
The ping-pong effect: Extinction dynamics in stochastic populations with migrationAlexa AucoinDr. Eric Forgoston
Randi? connectivity indices and energy of cycle based graphsJhonny AlmeidaDr. Aihua Li
6:00 - 6:55 pm Poster Session Block B
University Hall Conference Center, 7th Floor View Presentations in this Session
Maximum or minimum RCI values of graphs consisting of trees with a hexagonal base (B1)Giancarlo LabrunaDr. Aihua Li
A biometric analysis of mate choice copying in people (B2)Jonathan LenhardtDr. Peter Vietze
The kinetics of the formation and degradation of interesting oxidation states found with sufolobus solfactaricus photolyase (B3)Mengqi LiDr. Yvonne GindtJustin Vercellino, Sudipto Munshi, Robert Stanley, Yvonne Gindt
Transport and distribution of heavy metals in sediment in Bohai Bay (B4)Yuanyi LiDr. Huan FengHuan Feng, Dekui Yuan, Jing Nie
Diadema antillarum population density, size distribution, and biomass in an UNESCO biosphere reserve (B5)Lauren LiddyDr. Paul Bologna
Geochemistry of the east antarctic margin spanning the eocene oligocene transition (B6)Jennifer LightDr. Sandra PasschierSandra Passchier
The process of the creation of the play-based observation of development and interaction tool at the Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health (B7)Andrew LokaiKaitlin MulcahyAlison Stratthaus, Keri Georgewitz, Jessica Maneri
Structural characterization of thymine cyclobutane dimers in solution (B8)Michael LorenceDr. Johannes Schelvis
Comparative analysis of COL1A1 gene in different mammals (B9)Israa MaaniDr. Robert MeredithRobert Meredith
Police attitudes in a new era: A look at how the new millennium has changed the New York tri-state area’s police (B10)Tara MahadyDr. Christopher Donoghue
Effect of fertilization on native and non-native wetland plants (B11)Martha MahadyDr. Dirk Vanderklein
Benefit-based tree and valuation of an urban Forest City park system; Columbus ParkHackensack NJ (B12)Roy MateusDr. Greg Pope
United States and FIFA's World Cup corruption (B13)Justin McAndrewDr. Ian Drake
The depreciation of property values and home sales caused by vacant and abandoned properties in the city of Newark, New Jersey (B14)Emily McIntoshDr. Greg Pope
Using software defined radio to test the internet of things (B15)Kevin MillerDr. Christopher Leberknight
Designing a windwalker: An undergraduate open-ended physics project (B16)Ceire MonahanDr. Mika Munakata
ELLs and English word stress (B17)Terra NicollDr. Jonathan HowellEmily Peterman
The effect of pH and charybdotoxin on growth of human glioma cell lines (B18)Chelsea O'KorenDr. Elena PetroffMike Young, Vladislav Snitsarev, Elena Petroff
Sequence variants of the pathogen ranavirus isolated from northeastern amphibians (B19)Nadeem ObaydouDr. Kirsten Monsen-CollarKirsten Monsen-Collar, Lisa Hazard, Fathima Idris
Lipophilic green tea polyphenol can inhibit bacteria growth and endospore formation in food and milk (B20)Chinweude OkaniDr. Lee LeeBushra Ali, Brianne Cravello, Lee Lee
Vaccines (B21)Pasquale PascarellaDr. Ian Drake
Episodic memory performance in inconsistent-relative to consistent right-handers (B22)Neil PatelDr. Ruth PropperRuth Propper, Christophe Carlei, Stephen Christman
Recreational beach erosion on the New Jersey shoreline (B23)Rachel PreeceDr. Greg Pope
Characterization of a parasitic anti-stress protein kinase, SEK-1, from Brugia malayi (B24)Monika ProrokDr. John SiekierkaAgnieszka Chojnowski, Tamara Kreiss
Grazing potential of sparisoma radians on native seagrass (Thalassia testudinum) and invasive seagrass (Halophila stipulacea) in St. John, USVI (B25)Elizabeth PudlakDr. Paul Bologna
New rock climbing recreation areas: Piecing together data to find new crags (B26)Arianna QiraDr. Greg Pope
Using the chain rule to develop secondary school teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching, focused on the rate of change: Secondary mathematics teachers’ knowledge of the chain rule and its’ impact on their teaching of the rate of change (B27)Zareen RahmanDr. Eileen MurrayDebasmita Basu, Karmen Yu
Green tea polyphenols can inhibit endospore sporulation in Bacillus sp. (B28)Richa RanaDr. Lee LeeUjash Patel, Mohammad Khan
Genetic diversity of red mangroves (Rhizophora mangle) in a UNESCO biosphere reserve, St. John, USVI (B29)Dena RestainoDr. Paul BolognaPaul Bologna, James Campanella
Rome in America: How ancient roman law has influenced modern American law (B30)Christian RiveraDr. Ian Drake
Project DASH: (Divas against the spread of HIV/AIDS) results of a pilot study on HIV risk and mother-daughter communication among African American daughters with HIV+ mothers (B31)Monica RodriguezDr. Ndidiamaka AmutahNdidiamaka Amutah, Rodney Hammond, Lauren Ramos, Patryce Burgess, Winston Abara, Debbie Humphries, et al.
Piercing the power of populism: Constructing judicial empowerment and independence in Latin America (B32)Mishella RomoDr. Tony Spanakos
Multidisciplinary environmental assessment of Greenwood Lake (B33)Alessandra RossiDr. Meiyin WuKevin Olsen, Bianca Wentzell, Meiyin Wu
Green tea polypehnols with antibiotics reverse the biofilm formation in bacteria (B34)Angela SalazarDr. Lee LeeSiti Ayuni Mohamed Yussof, Amy Lynn Melok, Lee Lee, Shrameeta Shinde, Giselle Lalata
In vitro synergistic antiviral activity of epigallocatechin gallate-strearate and acyclovir on herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2 in vero cells (B35)Bianca SanabriaDr. Sandra Adams
A legal dissection: The national debate to establish a federal mandate to medicallyaccurate and comprehensive sex education within a multicultural society (B36)Montana ScholzDr. Ian Drake
Stability study of green tea polyphenols EGCG and EGCG-S as antimicrobial agents (B37)Emma SeidmanDr. Lee LeeBrianne Cravello, Yasmeen Abboud
The curvilinear effects of extroversion on subjective and objective sales outcomes (B38)William SevcikDr. Daniel Simonet
Numerical detection of wave breaking in the short-pulse equation (B40)Jeffrey SlepoiDr. David Trubatch
New filter media for urban stormwater management (B41)Hanieh SoleimanifarDr. Yang DengYang Deng
A Bioinformatics Study On The Noncovalent Interactions Between The Tea Polyphenol, EGCG-S, And HSV-2 Glycoproteins (B42)Peter StamosDr. Sandra Adams
Combining auditory and visual information in object discrimination: independent vs. integration decision models (B43)William StollDr. Yoav AriehYoav Arieh
The transcription and translation of lysin A and lysin B (B44)Nandini SurendranathanDr. Quinn Vega
Arcade style game development (B45)Eric SvitokDr. George Antoniou
Screening transgenic zebrafish (Danio rerio) expressing EGFP under an ovarian specific promoter (B46)Aneta SzpernogaDr. Carlos Molina
Progress on the study of substrate specificity in indole-3-glycerol phosphate synthase (B47)Jessica TanDr. David KonasKate Pinsley
The effects of EGCG-s on gene expression of HSV-1 and HSV-2 (B48)Mariam TariqDr. Sandra Adams
Educational access, the community college, and social mobility: Questioning the nature of educational equality and equity (B49)Ricardo TaverasMs. Marissa Silverman
Do giant waterbugs, belostoma flumineum say, exhibit turn alternation behavior in response to indirect predator cues? (B50)Samantha TedescoDr. Scott KightJohnny Hoang
Investigating the effects of dance training on performance in two dance leaps (B51)Brittany TierneyDr. Steven Leigh
Expression, purification, and characterization of W. bancrofti DHFR as a drug target in treating lymphatic filariasis (B52)Andrew TobiasDr. Nina GoodeyUlrich Gubler, Nina Goodey
Bark pitch and the perception of dog size: The effect of congruent and incongruent sounds (B54)Michael VazquezDr. Yoav AriehAlexandra Medina, Yoav Arieh
PiMesh - implementation of mesh network on multiple raspberry pi’s (B55)Raju VemulaDr. Christopher Leberknight
In vitro antiviral activity of black tea extract (BTE) on sindbis virus in vero cells (B56)Jose VillagomezDr. Sandra Adams
Designing a learning trajectory for developing students’ thinking of dynamic measurement (B57)Madhavi VishnubhotlaDr. Nicole PanorkouDebasmita Basu
Infrastructure of nearby New Jersey state parks (B58)Frank VocaturoDr. Greg Pope
Density and distribution of shallow Caribbean porifera from an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in St. John, USVI (B59)Patrick VojnykDr. Paul Bologna
The mechanism of inhibition of botulinum neurotoxin type A by two novel quinoline compounds (B60)Yacoba Vroom Teschemaker MinnowDr. Nina GoodeyDavid Rotella, Ronald Goldberg, John Siekierka, Nina Goodey
Promising novel method intTreating prosthetic joint infections (B61)Steve WilliamsDr. Lee LeeShanice Otieno, Christopher Chen, Lee Lee
International students’ life; A review of issues and potential solutions (B62)Hillman WirawanDr. Lisa LiebermanKadek Rahayu
Temporal framing (B63)Andrew WolfarthDr. David Townsend
Alcohol use and non-medical use of prescription drugs to cope with posttraumatic stress: An analysis of Hurricane Sandy survivors (B64)Megan YoungDr. Sarah Lowe
Analysis of roman mosaic glass tesserae, from the Villa of the Antonines, using canning electron microscopy and energy-dispersive X-ray techniques (B65)Nicolas ZarroDr. Greg PopeDeborah Chatr Aryamontri, Greg Pope, Matthew Gorring
Gender differences in attitudes, knowledge, and HIV testing in the Départements of Haiti: Insights from the 2012 demographic and health survey (B66)Presenter: Jonathan ZipfDr. Sangeeta Parashar
Race bias in decisions to shoot: Physiological responses to immersive and nonimmersive experimental shooter tasks (B67)Chelsea OsujiDr. Joseph Cesario
Assessment and target selection for a moderate-to-severe phonological disorder: Advantages of nonlinear analysis (B68)Christa CrosbyDr. Elaine Hitchcock
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