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"New Visions from Montclair State University" Student-film Showcase

May 2, 2014, 7:00 pm
SponsorCollege of the Arts, School of Communication and Media, Filmmaking ProgramCost$14More Information InCollege of the Arts

The "New Visions from Montclair State University" showcases films by students in the BFA Filmmaking program.  The following films will be screened:

  • Folded Hope, 2013 (12 min.) Directed by Jenna Leung, Graduated 2013.
    A terminally ill girl finds hope by folding a thousand paper cranes in this heartfelt drama that screened at Cannes in 2013.
  • Restless, 2013 (5 min.) Directed by Nick Capra, Freshman.           
    After studying late at the library, a college student believes she is being followed in this tense psychological thriller.
  • Thick Heart, 2013 (20 min.) Directed by Kristi Dake, Graduated 2013.           
    A plus-size woman thinks she’s met the man of her dreams through an online dating site, only to find he isn’t at all what she expected in this touching romantic comedy.
  • The Battle of Little Fly, 2013 (8 min.) Directed by Bryan Scuteri, Junior.           
    A WWII vet struggles to kill a very determined fly.
  • Libby, 2013 (15 min.) Directed by Jamison LoCascio, Senior.           
    A lonely, mature woman finds love and companionship where she never would have expected.
  • Revolution, 2014 (19 min.) Directed by Tom Mika, Senior. 
    In 1968, a nerdy college student falls for a beautiful hippie girl and her rag tag group of revolutionary friends.
  • Roundtable Discussions,2013 (6 min.) Directed by Stephen Bodossian, Sophomore.               
    A young man struggles with whether or not to hold a girl’s hand in this hilarious neurotic comedy.

Tickets may be purchased here. Call Stephanie Woods at 973-655-7870, or, e-mail her here ( for details.