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Student Research Panel

September 22, 2014, 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm
Location Science Hall - Sokol Lecture Hall
SponsorResearch Integrity and ComplianceCostFreeMore Informationhttp:/‌/‌‌provost/‌research-integrity-and-compliance/‌training/‌Posted InCampus Events
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Fellow students will tell you about research planning, design and compliance! If you are not sure how to get involved in research, we can answer your questions. The panel of students who have been through it all will be there to answer your questions. (student bios below)

Your fellow students will discuss:

  • how they decided on their research and design
  • how to find funding for research
  • who can help you with your research on campus
  • picking a faculty research mentor

Student Bios:

Heather Kopsco, Biology, CSAM
With Dr. John Smallwood as her advisor, Heather Kopsco has been working on her thesis project that is involves studying the role birds play in the transmission of Lyme disease. Kopsco’s research is supported with $8,000 raised through an online crowdfunding campaign she launched on Microryza. At a time when competition is fierce for grant funding, crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly viable source of support for research scientists. Kopsco is the first Montclair State University student to obtain funding through crowdsourcing for a science research project. Kopsco will also be able to share her experiences getting Institutional Animal Care and Use Approval (IACUC).

Thomas Leonardis, Exercise Science, CEHS
With Dr. Steven Leigh as his adviser, Thomas Leonardis has conducted several studies at MSU, subsequently serving as Principal Investigator on multiple IRB applications. He has presented his work at the Student Research Symposium and was recognized for his contributions to research presented at the International Sports Science Symposium.  His research topics have included,  Comparison of Injury Risk Factors Among Female Athletes, Studying injury mechanisms for training and rehabilitation of female dancers, and Comparison of backpack load carriage with and without the use of hip straps. Thomas Leonardis plans to take his research experience and pursue a career with the United State Olympic Committee as a Sport Biomechanist.  

Jason McManus, Mathematics Education, CSAM
Jason McManus researches topics related to undergraduate mathematics education and teacher preparation. Through Montclair State University's research assistant fellowship, he has worked with several programs, including Newark Public School's Race to the Top program for middle school math teachers and the Wipro Science Education Fellowship for science teacher leadership. With respect to undergraduate education, he works on projects related to the learning of mathematics in computer-based environments and the learning of mathematics for biology majors.