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3D Printing Changes Everything (panel discussion & innovation lab grand opening)

February 18, 2016, 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Location University Hall - Conference Center - 7th Floor
SponsorFeliciano Center for Entrepreneurship, Residence LifeCostFree, but please pre-registerMore Informationhttp:/‌/‌‌Montclair-Entrepreneurs/‌events/‌228455662/‌Posted InFeliciano Center for Entrepreneurship
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3D printing offers enormous amounts of startup opportunities, because it's disrupting nearly every industry. For example:

• Medical: Prosthetics, Skin, Ligaments, Body Parts

• Fashion: Make and print filaments, print clothes, cut and shape or form, automate glueing & welding and form

• Light Manufacturing: Rapid prototype on site, make custom final products in small runs in any material, compete globally by sending digital files to anywhere

• Food: Yes -- we are printing food from ultra fancy molecular gastronomy to space exploration ready

• Supply Chain: Something missing or broken? Why wait -- print now

• Design: Everything here is going to change -- design a chair and your clients will print it. Break a glass? Not a problem. Next everyone will become a designer...

• Architecture: We are printing houses (and whole apartment buildings).

• Automotive: Car bodies, car parts -- metal, plastic, hybrid materials...

• Aero-space: Need a new material with custom tolerances and features? Dial it in and print - big, small, fast, slow, one or many 

Now that we can print anything what does it mean? Come and join us for the Inaugural Panel Discussion "3D Printing Changes Everything" as part of the grand opening of our MIX Lab, with 35 3D printing devices. Panel discussion event begins at 5:30 p.m. with networking (see full agenda below). Come early to tour our new MIX Lab and see our 3D printers--tours being held 1-5 p.m. Full details below.

Event is free and open to the public, and food will be served!

On Feb. 18, we will host a provocative discussion, “3D Printing Changes Everything,” on 7th floor conference center of University Hall. A panel of practitioners, designers and technologists will take on the future of 3D printing and how it is changing industries, and how industries are approaching problem solving, design and innovation. Panelists will discuss and predict the impact 3D printing is having on all of our lives.

The panelists will also discuss the ways 3D printing is changing design, innovation, rapid prototyping and will discuss the long-term impact 3D printing will have across consumer and business industries. Join us as we unveil the future of design thinking, rapid prototyping and how all industries are transforming.

Michael Rees, Director, Center for New Art, William Paterson University
Ben Reytblat, Founder/CEO/Engineer, 3DMonstr
Natalie Rodriguez, designer and Montclair resident and MIX Lab Design Entrepreneur in Residence
Mina Zarfsaz, designer and conceptual artist
Moderator: Iain Kerr, co-director, MIX Lab

Agenda (panel event at University Hall Conference Center):
5:30-6:15 p.m. Networking with pizza
6:15-6:30 p.m. Welcome remarks and 1-minute pitches from audience
6:30-8 p.m. Panel discussion with audience Q&A
Note: come early for a tour of our new MIX Lab, where we will be unveiling 35 networked 3D printing devices. The lab is room 118, Feliciano School of Business. Tours offered to the public 1-5 p.m. Feb. 18.

Learn more about MIX Lab.

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Event is presented by Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship, and co-sponsored by Residence Life.

Directions and parking info:
Park in the Red Hawk Deck on campus, exit the deck on Level 5 and proceed straight up the walkway (soccer field will be on your left) to the new School of Business building.

Campus map with directions.

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Speaker bios:
Michael Rees,
director of Center for New Art at William Paterson University, is an accomplished sculptor who has exhibited widely and has been written about in many books on the subject of art and digital media. He was one of the first sculptors in the world to blend the use of computer-aided design, 3d printing and automated manufacture into a conceptual art practice, pioneering the use of new media in sculpture since the early 1990’s. Read full bio.

Ben Reytblat is a senior level executive with over 30 years of broad experience in the technical, corporate, sales, marketing and financial arenas. Prior to starting 3DMonstr in the summer of 2012, Ben was CEO of CEDev (an Open Source applications company), and prior to that a co-founder and CEO of Quadrix Solutions. Before founding Quadrix Solutions in 1994, he was an independent consultant in the telecommunications and financial services sectors. He began his career as a member of Technical Staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Ben has advanced degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, and is a highly sought-after speaker on the topics of 3D Printing and Open Source application deployment. He was a Visiting Lecturer at Rutgers University, and has published numerous technical papers. He served on the New Jersey Technology Council’s (NJTC) Board of Directors.

Mina Zarfsaz is an internationally known designer and conceptual artist who works across multiple disciplines of art, architecture and design. She utilizes 3D printing as part of her process. Her work seeks to invert common tools to create dialogue, exchange critical perspective, generate questions and ideally inspire alternative understandings of procedural thinking. Zarfsaz has taught several design courses at many institutions, and her work is shown internationally.

Moderator Iain Kerr is co-director of the MIX Lab and associate professor of Innovation Design at Montclair State University. As the co-director of the MIX Lab, Iain has developed new curriculum for using 3D printing to activate design thinking processes far from the normal realms of Industrial Design and Engineering. This innovative curriculum is at the heart of the lab’s certificate program in Innovation Design and Rapid Prototyping, as well as at the forefront of re-imagining Design Thinking as a powerful tool of innovation at all scales of action. Read full bio.