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Montclair State Filmmakers Showcase at the 2016 Montclair Film Festival

May 6, 2016, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
SponsorThe Montclair Film Festival, College of the Arts, Filmmaking Program at the School of Communication and MediaCostfor tickets: Information InCollege of the Arts
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New Visions 2016,  be featured at the Montclair Film Festival, on May 6th from 7-9pm at the Bow Tie Clairidge Cinema, 486 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ 07042. This year’s program features nine short films by current students as well as recent graduates of the Montclair State University Filmmaking BFA Program. Join us in celebrating the creative talent of Montclair State filmmaking students at the world-renowned festival, in the heart of downtown Montclair.  Purchase tickets here.

The New Visions 2016 showcase includes:  

Fistful of Dreams, a wild-west psychedelic comedy.

About the director: Jabri Rios-Rhodes is a filmmaker from Newark, New Jersey and aspires to be a director. Previously featured in the Montclair Film Festival New Visions showcase for Stand Still, he returns for a second consecutive year with his bizarre western/comedy "Fistful of Candy". Drawing on a microcosm he found in the beating of a piñata at parties, he sought to go above and beyond to create a new reality that is familiar to our own. Rather than making a film directly about social issues, the metaphors presented throughout “Fistful of Candy” provide entertainment while allowing the audience to walk away with something greater.

Making it to Mass, about two young nuns dropping in on a house party to ensure their students will show up for Sunday mass.
About the director: Brittney Briggs is a 21-year-old independent filmmaker from New Jersey. Growing up in both the US & UK with an American father and West Indian mother, she was able to digest her culture by expressing it in film. Best known for her directing, Brittney has worked on various short films, web series, and music videos. Inspired to become a rule-breaking filmmaker, she dedicated herself to learning the rules. Currently she is pursuing her BFA in Filmmaking with a concentration in Directing and Cinematography at Montclair State University, and will graduate with the class of 2017. 

Mic Dreams, a lyrical documentary about an up-and-coming rapper. 
About the director:  Sam Balaban is a video editor, videographer, and photographer currently living in Montclair, New Jersey. He grew up in Belleville, New Jersey and has been an avid follower of music, especially hip-hop music, since grade school. Sam began shooting music videos for local talent in high school and soon after got more into documentary work pertaining to music, which he focused on during his college years. He graduated from Montclair State University in 2015 with a BFA in Filmmaking, and has been working full-time as a video editor / photographer for the music publication The FADER in the Flatiron District of New York City. Sam specializes in editing music documentaries but also edits music videos, interviews, branded content, and digital content of all kinds.

Lux, a meditative, non-narrative short film, encompassing the importance of insignificant events. 
About the director: Nick Capra is a junior at Montclair State studying filmmaking, and he particularly loves to be behind the camera. He has shot countless short films, both on and off campus, and two indie features with stars from Orange is the New Black. His film Lux is an experimental short, non-narrative, and it’s something that is very different from the rest of his work. The ideas that the film encompasses are “the importance of insignificant events”, “light creating life”, and also a meditative idea of slowing down and focusing on the present. Experimental film definitely isn’t for everyone, but it’s a kind of filmmaking that allows people to express themselves and ideas in ways they couldn’t in narrative film. 

Runaway, a short film highlighting the collaboration between Montclair State University and the Shanghai Theatre Academy. The story follows a young precocious girl played by Rebecca DeMarco, a BFA actor from Montclair State, who runs away from her mother on a journey through Shanghai, China. Filmed over a three week period in 2015, the production was funded by Montclair State University and the College of the Arts, Dean’s Office.  Prior to this production in China, the Shanghai Theatre Academy came to the US several times to collaborate on projects with Montclair State.

The String of Things, an experimental film.

About the director: Peter Chapman is a 26-year-old adult student, currently completing his freshman year at Montclair State University. He comes from a four-year background of professional on-set experience ranging from freelance work with MTV,Americas Got Talent, Jeep, Colgate, and multiple short films. Always having been a creative mind that sees the world through the perspective of a lens, Peter embraces the opportunities Montclair State University has given him. He looks forward to flourishing as he strengthens his craft and plans on writing and directing his own feature length films.

Superdad, a stop motion animation film that brings to life a child's fantasies about his father's job.
About the Director: Bryan Scuteri is a writer/director from Monmouth County, NJ with a wide-ranging skill set in the film industry. Bryan was fortunate to be able to hone his skills as a writer and a gaffer during MSU’s most recent collaboration with the Shanghai Theatre Academy. After graduating, from Montclair State University, Bryan and fellow alumni Mike DiGioia, started their own video production company, Capital G Productions LLC, where they work for both local and national organizations.

Two Dead Men, a gritty contemporary drama. 
About the director: Gerhard Patterson is completing his junior year as a BFA Filmmaking Major within the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University. He comes from Shamong, a small town in Burlington County NJ, where he and his crew shot the second half of Two Dead Men, Gerhard's directorial endeavor. Gerhard would like to thank all the backers for supporting this effort and helping him pursue his dream job. He is so proud of his crew for this collaborative achievement. "In a way, a lot of this short film is the result of a year of networking. 99% of it was developing the cast and crew.”

Victim, a contemporary drama.

About the director: Wil Exavier is a graduate of Montclair State University. While attending the university, he directed several films, such as It's Only Life, and Blood, Sweat, and Friends: The Art of Backyard Wrestling. His latest film, Victim, has garnered quite a bit of attention, being selected for several film festivals and winning awards for Best Screenplay and Best Actor. Wil draws his inspirations from directors such as Derek Cianfrance, Edgar Wright, and Gus Van Sant.


The Filmmaking BFA Program at Montclair State University, established in 2006, is a conservatory style film school with a focus on training writer/directors and where students are supported by a liberal arts and humanities curriculum along with foundational coursework in communication and media arts.  This highly rigorous filmmaking program also develops critical thinking skills and fosters a global perspective for determining filmmaking subject matter. As a Filmmaking BFA major, students are encouraged to develop their personal vision and creative voice by producing works in various genres, culminating in their industry calling card: the senior year thesis film project.  

The Montclair Film Festival (MFF) is a non-profit organization existing to nurture and showcase the talents of filmmakers from around the world. The Festival will create a cultural focal point in the Township of Montclair that unites, empowers, educates and celebrates our region’s diverse community and robust artistic heritage.  View all the information about this year's Montclair Film Festival at: