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Animals in Research: Advancing Human and Animal Health

October 17, 2016, 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Location Dickson Hall - Cohen Lounge
SponsorInstitutional Animal Care and Use CommitteeCostfreeMore Informationhttp:/‌/‌‌provost/‌research-integrity-and-compliance/‌training/‌Posted InCampus Events
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featuring Paula Clifford, MLA, CVT, RLATG

     Did you know?

    ~Animal research has led to elimination of polio, smallpox, rabies and measles as U.S. public health threats; new diagnostic tests for early treatment (cancer, heart disease); and effective treatments for serious illnesses (diabetes, leukemia, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease).

    ~Animal research benefits animals. Dog and cat longevity and health are enhanced by medicines and vaccines. Research contributes to farm animal welfare and techniques to save endangered species.

   ~ Nearly all research animals are rodents, fish or reptiles. Dogs, cats, and non-human primates account together for less than one percent of total research animals.