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Regional Academic Drug Discovery Symposium - Tomorrows Drugs Today

November 8, 2017, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
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Keith Bostian, Ph.D. CEO, Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship; Dean, NJCSTM Program and Office of Tech Transfer, Kean University

Session 1: Different Models

Tri-I TDI/Bridge Medicines: a novel academic drug discovery and development model

  • Bruce R. Conway, Ph.D. Director, Rockefeller University and the Tri-Institutional Therapeutic Discovery Institute

Bootstrapping Translational Research in Academia – Rutgers University Experience

  • David Kimball, Ph.D. Assoc Vice President, Translational Sciences and Research Commercialization, Rutgers University

The Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research - Integrating the Best of Academia & Industry

  • Wayne Childers, Ph.D. Assoc Professor, Temple Univ School of Pharmacy & Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research

Translating Academic Innovation into Commercial Opportunity through LIBH REACH Program

  • Li Liu, Ph.D. Assistant Director, Business Development, Center for Biotechnology, Stony Brook University

Session 2: Funding Translational Research

  • Session chair – Vincent Smeraglia, J.D., Executive Director, Office of Research Commercialization, Rutgers University
  • Peter Alff, Ph.D., Executive in Residence, Kairos Ventures
  • Stephen Goodman, JD, Co-Founder, Mid-Atlantic Bio Angels
  • Carolyn Buser-Doepner, Ph.D., VP and Global Head of Discovery Partnerships with Academia, Glaxo Smith Kline R&D
  • James Golubieski, President, NJ Health Foundation/Foundation Venture Capital Group

Lunch and Poster Session: Topics in Academic Drug Discovery

Accepting poster abstracts with registration

Session 3: Case Studies

Trigriluzole: An SBIR-Derived Clinical Compound for the Treatment of Ataxia and Melanoma

  • Allen Reitz, Ph.D. CEO, Fox Chase Chemical Diversity Center

CX3CR1 Chemokine Antagonists Halt Metastatic Spreading in Animal Models of Metastasis

  • Joseph Salvino, Ph.D. Professor, Medicinal Chemistry, The Wistar Institute

ILSE-CTM-ATCC Partnership: The Evolution of an Idea into Products used in Drug Discovery

  • Tasha Santiago-Rodriguez, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship


For more information and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Sam Kongsamut, Executive Director, Entrepreneur Center, Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship at, 973-937-8115.