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Physics Colloquium: Quantum materials research and high-spin topological superconductivity

January 29, 2020, 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm
Location Richardson Hall - 201
SponsorPhysics Club, Physics & AstronomyPosted InCollege of Science and Mathematics
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Quantum materials research and high-spin topological superconductivity

Dr. Hyunsoo Kim, Assistant Research Scientist
Maryland Quantum Materials Center
University of Maryland 


Information is physical, and therefore materials and information are inextricable. Quantum materials research has led to breakthroughs in modern information technology at the most fundamental level, and its importance is continually stressed. Recently, topologically ordered phases of the quantum materials attract much attention because of the global properties which are immune to local perturbations. In this talk, I will introduce how basic quantum materials research is conducted in a modern experimental solid-state lab from synthesis to advanced characterizations and how it contributes to the development of topological quantum computation. In particular, I will focus on newly identified high-spin superconductivity arising from the effective spin j=3/2 Fermi surface. The relativistic quasi-particles which are hosted by this type of topological superconductors are expected to offer an excellent platform for fault-tolerant quantum information technology.