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Linguistics careers in tech: What are they and how to prepare for tech job hunting

April 6, 2021, 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm
Location Online, Zoom
More Informationhttps:/‌/‌‌j/‌84056286678?pwd=S2xTQXhIdHJqV2srMlMzWmovNXRtdz09Posted InCollege of Humanities and Social Sciences

People with linguistics and/or speech science backgrounds are doing a variety of jobs in the tech industry. In this talk, I will broadly introduce what tech positions are geared towards linguists/speech scientists, and how to find and interpret job ads. I will also share some general strategies for job hunting, and a few things everyone can do while in school to prepare for future careers.

Bio: Dr. Xiao Yang is a quantitative linguist studying how humans understand sentences, dialogs and conversational contexts. In June 2020 she joined the Amazon Alexa team as a Language Data Researcher. She got her PhD from the University of Kansas, where she received an NSF grant for her research at the intersection of linguistics and cognitive science, examining how Chinese speakers process complex sentences using EEG.