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Al Prieto ’84

Posted in: 2015, College of the Arts

Al Prieto

Al Prieto is Vice President of NewsOne at ABC News.  He started at ABC in 1983 as a researcher at “Good Morning America.”  In his career at ABC News, he has also been a Writer, Producer, Managing Editor, Director, and Executive Director before being promoted to Vice President in 2008.

In his current role as Vice President, Al oversees NewsOne, the ABC News feed service, which provides news content and services to more than 200 ABC affiliates as well as domestic and international partners.  Al also oversees the international distribution of ABC News content.

Al received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Montclair State College.  He serves on the Board of the College of the Arts and the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State.  In 2015, Al was honored with the Distinguished Alumni Award from the College of the Arts.  He is also a volunteer and member of the Advisory Board at Toni’s Kitchen, a soup kitchen and food ministry of St. Luke’s Church in Montclair.

Al lives in Montclair with his wife Kathie and son Will.