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Elsie Alabi-Gonzalez ’18 ’21 MSN

Posted in: The School of Nursing

Elsie Alabi-Gonzalez was part of the inaugural RN to BSN class at Montclair State University having earned her associates in Applied Science, Nursing from Essex County College eight years prior. As a registered nurse caring for adults in long term care facilities and in the community, she also served as a peer development coach during her studies at Montclair.

She managed staff development activities, served as the lead preceptor orienting new staff nurses, and spearheaded new training programs that improved quality and care outcomes.

She also worked as a learning associate in the Essex County College Learning Center, where she taught remedial English courses, ran student success workshops and monitored student progress in writing and test preparation.

Ms. Alabi-Gonzalez was employed full-time while attending the RN-BSN program. Working on the cardiac-telemetry unit at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, she continued precepting new orientees and facilitated inter-professional teamwork to improve staff communication. Ms. Alabi-Gonzalez received her BSN degree in 2018. She enrolled in the MSN degree program with a specialty concentration in the educator role. Ms. Alabi-Gonzalez joined the Montclair faculty in Fall 2021currently serves as clinical specialist at Montclair in Fall 2021.

She created the Student Nurses Association with 151 nursing students enrolled under her leadership. She was appointed and trained as an RWJBH Emerging Leader at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in 2021.