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About This Policy

Responsible Office
Academic Affairs

Faculty are required by Federal Financial Aid guidelines to verify attendance in their classes each semester. The University Registrar will provide timelines and directions.

Students are expected to fulfill all course requirements, and although attendance is not always mandatory, it is desirable. Absence from laboratory or studio sessions shall be by agreement with the instructor. Instructors should notify the students, in writing, of what the course requirements will be.  Professors may penalize the student for failure to meet specific attendance requirements.

Students who register are considered enrolled in their course(s) regardless of attendance. Refunds will only be processed, according to deadlines published in each semester’s online Schedule of Courses book, for registered students who have formally withdrawn from a course.  Students not following this procedure will be charged for all course(s) in which they are registered. Lack of attendance does not constitute a basis for a refund or withdrawal from course(s).

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