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Class Absence Documentation

About This Policy

Responsible Office
Academic Affairs

The staff of the Student Health Center encourages responsible class attendance and honest dialogue between students and instructors.

In the event of significant illness, a student may be provided with a REPORT OF VISIT with recommendations for absence from class or work. These notes are written at the discretion of the clinician and are reserved for serious illness. All REPORT OF VISIT notes are written on the provider’s prescription pad or official letterhead. Copies should not be accepted as documentation. To protect our student’s confidentiality, no diagnostic or treatment information will be provided.

REPORT OF VISIT notes will not be provided for minor illness or given to students that have not been seen at the Student Health Center. Retroactive class excuses will be written only in extenuating circumstances. A student that was seen by a healthcare provider other than the Student Health Center should be referred to that provider for documentation of illness.

In the event of extended illness in which a significant amount of classes will be missed, the student will notify the Dean of Students (DOS) and the DOS will notify professors via email.

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