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Course Repeats

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Undergraduate Students

To potentially improve a course grade, undergraduate students who earn an F, D-, D, D+ or WD in a course are permitted to repeat the course once, for a maximum of two attempts. Courses in which a student earned a grade of C- or higher may not be repeated, unless specifically outlined in official, approved curriculum requirements (e.g., specific teacher education certification requirements). The Dean of the College or School where the course is housed has the discretion to approve additional course repeats and/or a grade related repeat of a course only under limited special and appropriately documented extenuating circumstances.

When a course has been repeated, both the original and the subsequent grade are included on the permanent record, but the credit for the course is counted only once. The highest grade earned will be recorded as the official final grade for the course, and will be the grade that is counted in the student’s GPA.

If a course is no longer offered, the Dean of the College or School, upon request of the Chair of the Department offering the original course, reserves the right to approve an alternate course for repeat. If approved, the alternate course will act as an exact repeat with respect to all other aspects of the current course repeat policy.

In rare instances, a student may repeat a course by completing its equivalent at another institution. In these cases, the grade earned at the other institution will not be factored into the Montclair State University grade point average, and may not satisfy grade-based prerequisite requirements. Students are required to consult with their advisor before repeating courses at other institutions. The student will be awarded credit only once. The course may fulfill a degree requirement. Undergraduate students must refer, and ensure adherence, to specific program requirements and University policies governing work completed at another institution before enrolling in courses outside of Montclair State University.

Undergraduate students enrolled in graduate-level courses must adhere to the graduate student course repeat policy for all graduate-level courses.

To learn about potential impacts to eligibility for Financial Aid, please refer to the Financial Aid Student Handbook.

Graduate Students 

Graduate students must adhere to the policies on repeat coursework found in the Graduate Policy Manual.

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