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There are five flagstaffs on the campus of Montclair State University designated for the display of the American flag. The only other flag that may reside on these staffs is the POW/MIA flag always flown below the American Flag. American flags may be left on the staff 24 hours a day as long as artificial lighting is provided during non-sun lit hours.

There are two other flag staffs located next to University Police on either side of the American Flag flagstaff at that location. These staffs permanently display the New Jersey state flag and the POW/MIA flags respectively. The POW/MIA flag may be replaced with the University flag when available and the POW/MIA flag may be flown on the same staff as the American Flag as above. In addition there are two flagstaffs on the east side of the Student Center located on either side of the American Flag flagstaff in that area. The shorter staff next to the Student
Center may be used for the New Jersey state flag and University flag respectively.

The University may relinquish the use of these two staffs to flag shaped banners to signify University recognized “days”, “weeks”, and/or “months”. Examples of these University-recognized occasions include: African-American Heritage Month, Latin American Heritage Month, Women’s History Month, National Gay Pride Week, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Day and special campus festivals. Only special banners directly related to recognized university departments and/or organizations will be permitted. Banners require the approval of the University for display on university flagstaff. These banners may have the name of the recognized organization or department, logo and the name of Montclair State University (the use of Montclair State University is not required). The logo or wording on the banner may not violate university policy or depict modes of injury or humiliation of others. The use of special banners is limited solely to celebrate the diverse life of the members of Montclair State University community. Flagstaffs may not be used to display flags of other states, territories, and nations or for the expression of political views or religious beliefs. The top of flags or banners on these staffs must always be lower than the adjacent American flag.

The American flag is flown at full-staff at all times except on the following occasions:

  • National holidays commemorated with the lowering of the flag.
  • Federal notification of an event requiring the lowering of the flag.
  • Gubernatorial notification of an event requiring the lowering of the flag
  • University President’s notification of an event requiring the lowering of the flag. The etiquette of lowering, raising, and disposing of damaged flags rests with University Police.

The acquisition of flags for each location will remain with the respective departments presently responsible for those flags. The duration for lowering the American or the University flag for an immediate death is from time of notification to internment unless otherwise specified in the original notification. The University President will authorize the lowering of the University flag in honor of a Montclair State University member who has died. The duration of half-staff for the
University flag will be the same as for the American Flag. All notification will be directed to University Police who will fulfill these duties. For notification provided through federal or state sources, University Police will immediate notify both the Office of the University President and the Vice President for Student Development and Campus Life. At the time of lowering of the
American Flag to half-staff, all adjacent flags will be lowered to remain lower than the American Flag.

The University’s Flag Regulation operates in concert with United States flag laws and regulations as contained in Public Law and amendments. The federal law and amendments are addendum to this regulation.

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