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Non-Sale Service of Alcoholic Beverages at University Events

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Finance and Treasury


To ensure that the service of alcoholic beverages at University events is in compliance with applicable state laws and regulations, municipal ordinances and University procedures and is consistent with the University’s mission and community responsibility.


The service of alcoholic beverages at University events is permitted only under the President’s host liquor liability. Host liquor liability is under the Tort Claims Act, which indemnifies and defends state employees from any claims arising out of the performance of their jobs. The Risk Manager for the State Colleges and Universities has concluded that hosting social functions involving alcohol is within the President’s scope of employment and is thereby covered by the Tort Claims Act. This authority is specifically limited to the non-sale service of alcohol; the exchange of money in any form for any aspect of an event is prohibited.


According to the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (A.B.C.), the service of alcohol under the President’s host liquor liability is not permitted in any of the licensed premises on campus.

Service of alcohol must occur within a social context wherein beverages are a desired component of the overall event and not the sole focus of the event. State funds cannot be used to procure alcohol. Food shall be served at all events which feature alcohol. Alcohol shall not be served at events with a significant number of minors in attendance. Provisions must be made to verify the age of persons attending the event and to ensure that persons in attendance do not become intoxicated. Requests to serve alcohol shall be made to the appropriate division vice president. Final approval for service shall be the responsibility of the President or designee.

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