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The posting of printed literature, posters, placards, flyers, and banners on campus (except in the residence halls) must be stamped and approved by the Scheduling Office (Student Center room 400) or at the Center for Student Involvement (Student Center room 104) . All student organizations must go to the Center for Student Involvement. Any materials that are posted are limited to designated areas which can be found below. Posting in the residence hall must be approved by the appropriate Residence Hall Director. Department and designated organization boards are maintained by the respective department or organization and are not available for general use. The name of the sponsoring department, group, or organization must be printed legibly on all materials. The University encourages sensitivity to all members of our diverse community in posting. Failure to comply to posting policies will result in removal of materials.

1. Materials may be posted on campus bulletin boards and kiosks only (excluding special purpose bulletin boards specially designated by campus departments or groups). A bulletin board is defined as a tackable board surrounded on all four sides by a frame. Kiosk panels are designed for tape, not tacks and also surrounded by a frame.

2. Tacks and staples are to be used on bulletin boards (no tape or other adhesives). Only removable tape is to be used on kiosks. Items are not to be attached to bulletin board and kiosk frames or surrounding areas.

3. The maximum flyer/poster size for bulletin boards is 17” x 22”.

4. There is a limit of one flyer/poster per event on each bulletin board or kiosk panel.

5. Posting of flyers/posters/banners is not permitted on windows, window treatments, painted surfaces, wall, furniture, brick, concrete, wood surfaces, buildings, light poles, trees, or campus signage.

6. Flyers may not be left on vehicles.

7. Door windows may not be obstructed by posting or other materials except to provide directional and scheduling information.

8. Materials may be posted for a maximum of two weeks from date of approval. The sponsoring party is responsible for removing its postings at the end of the approved period or within 24 hours after the event, whichever comes first.

9. Materials making reference to the use, sales, or distribution of alcohol/drugs will not be approved.

10. Materials not stamped or incorrectly posted will be removed. The posting group may lose future posting privileges. The Student Government Association maintains posting guidelines in addition to these regulations, so student organizations need to be aware of any additional requirements or penalties.

11. The areas in front of the Student Center, between the Student Center and the Drop-In Center and the Bohn/Blanton Quad are open to recognized student organizations, SGA, and CSI to display placards. Placards cannot block traffic patterns or be attached to buildings or cause damage to University property. Placards must be removed at the conclusion of each semester.

12. Chalking on campus is limited to recognized student organizations and university departments and is permitted only on paved walkways. Chalking is not allowed on vertical surfaces. Approved locations include the areas in front of the library, Student Center, Dickson, and Residence Halls. Chalking must be done in open areas, which are directly washed by rain. Chalkings must follow the same guidelines as flyers/posted materials (i.e. no alcohol/drug references, etc.)

Exceptions for special events and programs may be requested through the Scheduling Office for approval by the Vice President for Student Development and Campus Life. Request should include: (1) the reason an exception is requested, (2) the special material to be posted, (3) location(s) desired, and (4) time period.

In addition to the above posting policy, organizations chartered under the Student Government Association, Inc., must state “(organization) is a Class (I-IV) organization of the Student Government Association, Inc.” on all posted materials. Please visit the Student Government Association (Student Center 103) for their complete posting policy.

Posting Policy for the Student Center

All distribution of printed materials (i.e. posters, flyers, etc.) must be authorized by the Scheduling Office. Flyers and posters must be stamped. Groups wishing to publicize events should speak to CSI or Associate Director of Student Center Programs prior to distributing their literature. The Student Center reserves the right to determine the location/presentation of the material. Special regulations pertaining to circulating postings in the Student Center and Annex are summarized as follows:

1. The display of materials at the Information Desk is limited to University departments and recognized campus organizations. Legitimate identification of the sponsoring organization is required.

2. Lobby easels are available to programs occurring in the Student Center two days before and the day of the program.

3. Professionally made banners can be hung from the 3rd floor balcony. Permission must be obtained from the Associate Director of Student Center Programs. If approved, the banner can be hung the day before and the day of the program.

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