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Perquisites for Employees and Members of their Family

About This Policy

Responsible Office
Human Resources

Montclair State University values its employees and is committed to building a workplace community that is inclusive of employees and their families, encouraging active participation in the educational, cultural and recreational life of the University and its surrounding community beyond the boundaries of the workday. In support of that commitment, the University has developed a comprehensive program of perquisites entitled “All in the MSU Family” which are available to full-time employees and members of their families.

For purposes of this program, the University wishes to recognize the significant changes that have occurred within our society resulting in the creation of diverse living arrangements and the development of an expanded concept of the family unit, as well as to manifest the University’s commitment to what has been described as a “sense of shared humanity.” Therefore, within the context of “All in the MSU Family,” the University is defining “family” to include members of both traditional and alternative family units who share the same residence.

Certification of a Family Unit

The employee must complete the requisite form in the Division of Human Resources, recording the names of family members residing in his/her household and other required information.

University Family Identification Card

Upon completion of the form, a University Family Identification Card will be issued. Presentation of the card will provide access to the perquisites identified in the program brochure.

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