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Reserving Campus Facilities

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Student Development Campus Life

Campus Groups/Student Organizations/External Groups

Recognized campus groups and/or members of the University community seeking to secure facilities for a program or presentation must adhere to the following procedures:

  1. Arrangements to schedule facilities must be made through the Associate Director of the Student Center (ext. 4411). Related costs including media services, security, refreshments, etc., will be borne by the sponsoring organization.
  2. The Associate Director of the Student Center will work with the Center for Student Involvement (for student groups) to assess set-up needs for the activity or program and coordinate the set-up. All student organizations must request space through the Events Management System (EMS). CSI will review and approve the request and forward to the Scheduling Office for space availability.
  3. As appropriate, the Associate Director of the Student Center will advise the sponsoring organization to meet directly with University Police to coordinate security needs and/or with dining services to coordinate food or any other services that need to be addressed. For student programs, CSI will coordinate security needs with University Police.
  4. The University Police Department will review program requests and determine actions necessary to ensure the adequacy of security and appropriateness of location and facility. The Chief of Police will maintain control of security arrangements for all on-campus events. The Director of University police will inform the President and appropriate Vice Presidents of any event that requires special security arrangements. Communication and coordination with the senior administration will be maintained to ensure that such events occur successfully and safely.
  5. External groups seeking to secure use of Montclair State University facilities for programs and/or activities must Contact the Associate Director, Student Center.
  6. Before reserving facilities for the use of an outside group, the Associate Director, Student Center will determine the following:
    1. That the desired facilities are available.
    2. That the intended use of the facilities is consistent with the mission of Montclair State University.
    3. That the intended use of the facilities will not interfere with the educational and programmatic needs of Montclair State University.
    4. That security needs have been reviewed by the Director of University Police and that adequate security can be provided. Should the Director of University Police determine additional security is required, the cost will be borne by the sponsoring organization. Under no circumstances will University Police delegate responsibility for security to any external organization or its agents.
    5. That all other requirements and needs have been addressed, e.g., insurance and parking.
  7. Upon satisfaction of the requirements listed under item 2, the Associate Director, Student Center will follow appropriate procedures for the preparation and issuance of a contract to the organization requesting use of the facilities.

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