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Sale of Alcoholic Beverages on Non-Licensed University Premises

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To ensure that the sale of alcoholic beverages on non-licensed University premises is in compliance with applicable state laws and regulations, municipal ordinances and University procedures and is consistent with the University’s mission and community responsibility.


The sale of alcoholic beverages in university licensed premises, i.e., the University Hall Conference Center and Courtyard, certain areas within the Student Center, the Alexander Kasser Arts Complex, Sprague Field and the Softball Stadium, is pursuant to a Special Annual Concessionaire Permit held by the University’s dining services contractor (the Licensee) and is outlined under the Policy on the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages on Licensed University Premises.

The sale of alcoholic beverages on non-licensed University premises, all premises not covered by the Special Annual Concessionaire Permit held by the University’s dining services contractor, requires a license or permit issued by the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (A.B.C.) pursuant to municipal approval. The mechanism available is the Social Affair Permit. Social Affair Permits are available only to non-profit organizations wishing to serve alcoholic beverages at a fundraising event. No more than twelve such daily permits will be issued to any one organization in a calendar year and no more than twenty-five permits can be issued for the University in a calendar year.

The University, as both the licensee and location, utilizes several such permits each year in connection with its overall mission. The University also allows other non-profit organizations to apply for such permits and to conduct events on campus.


The University generally shall reserve 12 permits for its own use and shall allocate 13 permits as available for application by non-profit organizations. The allocation may vary based upon University mission. Organizations whose primary purpose is to serve undergraduate students shall not be eligible to apply for such permits.

Permission to apply for a Social Affair Permit by University organizations or outside non-profit organizations shall be authorized by the President or designee upon the advice of division vice presidents. A copy of the Internal Revenue Service’s determination that the organization is a qualified non-profit entity shall be supplied to the University at the time the request is made. Requests will be evaluated in relation to the University’s mission and in the context of community responsibility. The University does not guarantee that all available permits will be allocated or utilized.

If the University grants permission to apply, the organization shall complete the requisite state and local forms necessary to obtain the Social Affair Permit. The necessary forms will be provided by the University and should be completed approximately eight weeks prior to the event.

At the sole discretion of the University, University police officers may be required, at an organization’s expense, to remain on site for a large event at which alcohol is served. The need for University Police presence and the number of officers required will be determined by the University Police in consultation with the Director of the Conference Center in the licensee, and the University Risk Manager. The University Risk Manager will consult with the State of New Jersey Bureau of Risk Management as considered necessary.

Implementation shall be the responsibility of the Director of the Conference Center.

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