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Transfer Student Definitions, Policies, and Procedures

Montclair State University considers a Transfer Student anyone who has been enrolled in a regionally accredited college or university after graduating from high school. Even if you withdrew from the institution and received no credit, you are still considered a Transfer Student.

Montclair State University participates in the New Transfer Agreement with the NJ Community colleges. Students earning an AA/AS/AFA degree from a NJ county/community college will all of their Montclair State University General Education requirements waived (you will not need to complete University General Education courses). This agreement only applies to New Jersey county/community colleges. To see how courses transfer from NJ county/community colleges, please visit to review course equivalents.

If you earn your degree from an out-of-state community college, credit is evaluated on a course-by-course basis. In addition, if there has been a change in your plans, and you will not be receiving an AA/AS/AFA degree from a NJ County/Community College, please contact Undergraduate Admissions at 973-655-4444 so they can update your records accordingly.

Students transferring from a university/college operating on a quarter-hour system will receive 2/3 of a Montclair State University credit hour for each quarter hour earned elsewhere. For example, four quarter hours from a transfer institution equal 2.66 credit hours at Montclair State.

In addition, a student’s previous grade point average (GPA) from a previous institution does NOT transfer to Montclair State University; only credits are transferred.

Additionally, if you are applying for any of the programs in the College of the Arts – Fine Arts, Music, Theatre, Dance, Communication Studies, Filmmaking, or Television & Digital Media – you are required to complete an interview, audition, or portfolio review in order to be considered for admission into these programs. If you are applying for Fashion Studies or Art History, or Theatre Studies, no interview, audition or portfolio review is required.

Individuals interested in applying to Montclair State University should view the Transfer Applicants page on the University’s website.

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