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Waitlist Policy

About This Policy

Effective Date
Responsible Office
Office of the Registrar

Montclair State University provides a waitlist option on the class schedule. Not all colleges or departments take part in this system. Not all classes will have a waitlist, the waitlist size will depend on the course type: 60 seats will be set for a waitlist for a lecture course, 20 seats for studios and laboratory classes. If a seat becomes available, an email will be sent to the first person on the list, indicating they may now register for that seat. The student will have 48 hours to register for the seat before they lose that option. Any waitlisted seat does not count into a student’s credit load. If the student does not act within the 48 hour period, the option to add the seat will move to the next person on the list who will receive the email. The wait list will be purged 48 hours before the last date of add/drop for the given term. There is no guarantee that a seat will become available for the requesting student. The University reserves the right to modify the priority of any given waitlist in order to maximize the degree completion of a senior.

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