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Sandra Adams

Professor, Biology

Science Hall 123
BSA, University of Georgia
MEd, Georgia State University
PhD, University of Pittsburgh
PhD, Georgia State University
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My specializations are molecular virology and science education. One of my primary responsibilities is to offer the Phage Hunters Program, a national experiment in research and education funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, in which freshman students conduct authentic research to isolate, purify, amplify, and characterize a novel bacteriophage (bacterial virus).

I coordinate the biology education program that leads to P-12 teacher certification in biology. Additionally, I am the graduate coordinator for the Master of Science degree program in Pedagogy and the Master of Arts in Teaching - Biology.


My areas of specialization are molecular virology, molecular biology, and biology education.

Office Hours


10:30 am - 12:00 pm
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Research Projects

Effect of Natural Products on Virus Replication

The focus of the research conducted in my laboratory is to investigate the effects of natural products on virus replication. Specifically, we are investigating the effects and modes of action of black tea extract, green tea extracts, Embelin (a medicinal herb extract), curcumin (turmeric extract), and curcuminoid extracts on the infection of Herpes simplex virus I and II, Sindbis virus, and Enterovirus 69 and in cultured cells.