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Deniz Appelbaum

Associate Professor, Accounting and Finance

BA, The Catholic University of America
MBA, Rutgers University
PhD, Rutgers University
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DR. APPELBAUM, Assistant Professor of the Department of Accounting and Finance at the Feliciano School of Business, received her PhD from the Department of Accounting and Information Systems at Rutgers Business School, Newark in May 2017. She enriches her academic pursuits with a practical view, after twenty years of experience in operations, credit, and business development in the corporate world.
Dr. Appelbaum has published manuscripts in Accounting Horizons, Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting, and in other academic and practitioner journals, based on her research regarding analytics, big data, and automation in financial auditing and accounting. Prior to teaching at Montclair State, her graduate research at Rutgers focused on financial fraud detection and prevention with automated analytics, data transparency of governmental financial reporting, analytical procedures in the external audit process, drones and robotics in auditing and accounting, and blockchain and big data as audit evidence. Dr. Appelbaum continues to emphasize these streams of research with numerous projects and forthcoming publications, and with presentations at accounting organizations and at national and international conferences. Dr. Appelbaum emphasizes the use of data analytics and appropriate software tools in the classroom, to prepare accounting and auditing students for the technically advanced modern business environment. The accounting and auditing professions are currently undergoing huge disruptions due to technical innovations, and Dr. Appelbaum is devoted to assisting her students to prepare for these changes.


Auditing, analytics, Big Data, drones/robotics, data provenance/security, open government data, data transparency, XBRL


  • “Expert Knowledge Elicitations in a Procurement Card Context: A Visual Expert Dashboard”, with Abdullah Al-Awadhi and Miklos A. Vasarhelyi, (status: under revision at the Journal of Accounting Information Systems)
  • The COVID-19 Black Swan: Auditing Uncertainty
  • The Rise of Mobile Devices: An Era of New Audit Risk Assessment Challenges
  • Planning a New Urban Venture Involving Blockchain: Overcoming Homophily?
  • Proof of Reserves: An Audit Attestation Framework
  • News Headlines for prediction of Going Concern Opinions
  • IOT as Audit Evidence
  • MF Global - Audit classroom case study - work in progress
  • Guided Expert Systems for Auditor Risk Assessment - experimental research using IDEA at the KPMG University - work in progress
  • Designing Equitable AI Systems: Pragmatizing Rawl’s Theory of Social Justice
  • Consequences of COVID-19 on Auditors in the Workplace
  • AutoML for the prediction of financial misstatements
  • A Quantifiable Complexity Measure to Evaluate Transparency in Government Financial Data
  • A Reasonable Assurance Framework for Distributed Ledger Technology Systems: A Risk Assessment Approach


  • Technical/Professional Work, Dronnovation. (May 2017 - Present). Research initiative regarding the use of drones for auditing and accounting. The name and logo are currently are trademarked.

Honors & Awards

  • Best PhD Student Paper Award, American Accounting Association. SET Section Workshop (August 2013)
  • 2018 Outstanding Dissertation Award, AAA SET Section ( 2018)
  • 2018 Best Paper Award , SET section of the AAA (January 2018)
  • SET Section 2019 Educator of the Year, SET Section of the AAA (August 2019)
  • New Jersey Bright Idea Award/Accounting, NJCBAA/Seton Hall School of Business-Seton University (November 2019)
  • Beyond the Numbers - Felicianobiz feature, feliciano School of Business ( 2019)
  • AIS 2020 MYM Public Interest Section Best Paper Award, American Accounting Association (January 2020)
  • Best Paper Award Spring 2024 Conference, Academy of Business Research (March 2024)

Refereed Published Articles

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  • H. Ilyas, A. Anwar, U. Yaqub, Z. Alzamil, D. Appelbaum (2021). Analysis and visualization of COVID-19 discourse on Twitter using Data Science: A case study of USA, UK and India. Global Knowledge, Memory and Communication
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  • N. Tojiboyev, D. Appelbaum, A. Kogan, M. Vasarhelyi (2022). Basics of SQL for Audit Data Retrieval and Analysis. Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting

Books & Chapters

  • D. Appelbaum (2021). Ch 7 - Consensus Mechanisms and related Issues. Emerald