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Jason Dickinson

Chairperson (Acting), Social Work and Child Advocacy

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BS, Central Michigan University
PhD, Florida International University
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Jason J. Dickinson, Ph.D., is a Professor of Psychology, Acting Chair of the Department of Social Work and Child Advocacy, and the Director of the Robert D. McCormick Center for Child Advocacy and Policy. As Director of the McCormick Center, he oversaw the formation of the Department of Social Work and Child Advocacy (2017) and the development of the Masters of Social Work program (2018). He has also served as principal investigator on a number of direct service and workforce training grants from New Jersey's Department of Children and Families.

His research on children’s eyewitness testimony (understanding how children remember, misremember, forget, and tell about events they’ve experienced) is designed to identify strategies for questioning children in forensic contexts and increase the accuracy of legal decision-making in cases involving children. He frequently consults with defense attorneys, prosecutors, law enforcement, and the child protection community to help translate research findings into public policy, inform investigative practices, and evaluate the reliability of children's testimony.

He co-directs the Talking Lab ( with Dr. Nicole Lytle. The lab's work (in collaboration with Dr. Debra Poole of Central Michigan University) has been supported by numerous grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Their most recent award focuses on the development of recommendations for interviewing fresh complaint witnesses and improving the reliability of hearsay testimony in child maltreatment investigations. In addition, the lab’s ongoing NSF supported research on tele-forensic interviewing has been instrumental in shaping policy and training initiatives for conducting tele-forensic interviews with children during the Covid-19 pandemic. In March of 2020, he organized the national working group that led to the Emergency Tele-Forensic Interviewing Guidelines (National Children’s Alliance, 2020).

Dr. Dickinson teaches introduction to psychology, forensic psychology, and statistics for psychology majors.


Children's Testimony
Eyewitness Memory
Forensic Interviewing
Investigative Decision-making
Tele-forensic interviewing