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Raul Galoppe

Chairperson, Spanish and Latino Studies

Conrad J. Schmitt Hall 222E
BA, ISP Brown (Santa Fe, Argentina)
MA, University of Missouri-Columbia
PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia
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Research Interests:

Spanish drama of the Golden Age
Spanish and Latin American civilization
Literary theory
GLBTQ and Women studies
Film and culture
Psychoanalysis, literature and performance
Translation and interpretation (English-Spanish / Spanish-English)

My research focuses on the dialogue between gender and genre in literature and the construction of subjectivity. Within the theoretical framework of Lacanian psychoanalysis, feminism, queer theory, and performance, I concentrate on Latin American and Latino film and cultural studies as well as Baroque Spanish drama. I explore representations of women and critical sexualities in Latino cultures as they appear in film, drama, and fiction. While supporting my interest in sexuality as a social construction that takes place when discourse, hegemonic power and desire intersect, this scope allows me to review recent trends in Latin American cinema and direct my attention to underrepresented groups in Argentina.



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