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Orkideh Gharehgozli

Assistant Professor, Economics

School of Business
BSE, Amirkabir University of Technology (Iran)
MBA, Shariff University of Technology (Iran)
PhD, City University of New York
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Applied Econometrics, Statistics, Income Inequality, Labor Economic


  • Big Mac Affordability in European Union Countries

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor of Economics, Montclair State University (2018 - Present)
  • , City University of New York (2014 - 2018)

Honors & Awards

  • Doctoral Student Research Grant, Graduate Center CUNY (February 2017)
  • Graduate Assistant Teaching Fellowship, Graduate Center CUNY (September 2016)
  • Advanced Research Collaborative (ARC) Research Award, Graduate Center CUNY (September 2015)
  • Five-Year Graduate Center Fellowship Award, Graduate Center CUNY (September 2013)

Refereed Published Articles

  • E. Berisha, R. Dubey, O. Gharehgozli (2022). Inflation and Income Inequality: Does the Level of Income Inequality Matter?. Applied Economics
  • V. Atal, O. Gharehgozli, L. San Vicente Portes (2022). Higher Labour Market Bargaining Power, Higher Unemployment in Recessions. Applied Economics Letters
  • O. Gharehgozli, S. Lee (2022). Money Supply and Inflation After COVID-19. Economies
  • A. Gharehgozli, O. Gharehgozli, K. Li (2021). Mixed Integer Programming Models on Scheduling Automated Stacking Cranes. International Journal of Business Analytics
  • O. Gharehgozli (2021). Panel Data Model and the Synthetic Control Method: A Note on the Unbiasedness of the Synthetic Control Estimator. Econometrics Letters
  • O. Gharehgozli, V. Atal (2021). Gender Wage Gap: Within and Across Borders. Studies in Business and Economics
  • O. Gharehgozli (2021). An Empirical Comparison Between a Regression Framework and the Synthetic Control Method. The Quarterly Review of Economic and Finance
  • O. Gharehgozli, V. Atal (2021). A Simple Measure to Study Multinational In-come Inequality. Review of Economic Perspectives
  • O. Gharehgozli, P. Nayebvali, A. Gharehgozli, Z. Zamanian (2020). Impact of COVID-19 on the Economic Output of the US Outbreak’s Epicenter. Economics of Disasters and Climate Change
  • A. Hadavand, P. Almasi, S. Thomas, O. Gharehgozli (2020). Relevance of Education to Occupation: A New Empirical Approach Based on College Courses. Education Economics
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  • O. Gharehgozli (2017). An Estimation of the Economic Cost of Recent Sanctions on Iran Using the Synthetic Control Method. Economics Letters