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Jessica S Henry

Associate Professor, Justice Studies

Dickson Hall 327
BA, Bucknell University
JD, New York University School of Law
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Jessica Henry, associate professor, has a JD from New York University School of Law. Her research interests include wrongful convictions, severe sentences (including the death penalty and life without parole), and hate crimes. She teaches a wide-range of courses including Wrongful Convictions, Criminal Law and Procedure, Death Penalty Perspectives, and Hate Crimes. She received the University Distinguished Teacher award in 2015, served as a public defender for nearly a decade, and is a frequent blogger for The Huffington Post and the Wrongful Convictions Blog.


Selected Publications:
Henry, Jessica S. (2015) Reducing severe sentences: Role of prison programming in sentencing reform. Criminology and Public Policy, 14:2, 397-405.

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Henry, Jessica S. (2013) Bias-Based Cyberbullying: The Next Hate Crime Frontier. Criminal Law Bulletin, 49:3, 481-503.

Henry, Jessica S. (2012). Death in Prison Sentences: Overutilized and Underscrutinized. In Sarat, A. and Ogletree, C. (eds.) Life Without Parole (New York University Press: New York).

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Henry, Jessica S. (January 16, 2011). Opinion: Politics and anger: a volatile mixture,
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in the United States. Journal of Information and Communications Technology Law. 18:2, 235-251.

Henry, Jessica S. (2009). A Second Look at the Second Chance Act. Criminal Law Bulletin, 45:3: 416-432.

Henry, Jessica S. (2009). New Jersey's Road to Abolition. Translated into Chinese for use in death penalty reform conference with China high court, politicians, academics and policy makers.

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Employment. Criminology and Public Policy, 6(4): 755-763.

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Convicted Bias Offenders on the Web. L.A.E. Journal Of the American Criminal Justice Association. 16-19.

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