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Chelsey Hill

Assistant Professor, Information Management and Business Analytics

School of Business 480
BA, The College of New Jersey
MS, St. Joseph's University
PhD, Drexel University
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  • Fresneda, Jorge, Hill, Chelsey, Bharati, Roshani and Smith, Michael, “Social Media Targeting with Structural Topic Modeling.” In progress, Target Journal: <i>Journal of Advertising</i>
  • Hill, Chelsey and Fresneda, Jorge, “Wisdom of the Lexicon Crowd Hybrid Sentiment Analysis Approach.” In Progress, Target Journal: <i>Decision Support Systems</i>
  • Hill, Chelsey, Du, Lanqing, Johnson, Marina and McCullough, Bruce, “On the Accuracy of Estimation in R and Python.” RR1 WIRES Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  • Hill, Chelsey, Fresneda, Jorge and Murugan Anandarajan. The Wisdom of the Lexicon Crowd, complete, to be submitted to Decision Support Systems

Refereed Published Articles

  • J. Hui, J. Fresneda Fernandez, C. Hill (2022). Market Segmentation in the Emoji Era. Communications of the ACM
  • M. Johnson, R. Jain, m. Brennan, E. Swartz, D. Silver, J. Paolini, S. Mamonov, C. Hill (2021). Developing Big Data and AI Workforce Roadmap for A Data Driven Economy. Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management
  • J. Fresneda Fernandez, T. Burnham, C. Hill (2021). Structural topic modelling segmentation: a segmentation method combining latent content and customer context. Taylor
  • C. Hill, J. Li, M. Schneider, M. Wells (2020). The Tensor Autoregressive Model. Wiley
  • M. Anandarajan, C. Hill (2019). Data Quilting: Art and Science of Analyzing Disparate Data. Cogent
  • C. Hill, B. McCullough (2019). On the Accuracy of GARCH Estimation in R Packages. ERFIN
  • C. Wu, C. Hill, E. Yan (2017). Disciplinary knowledge diffusion in business research. JOURNAL OF INFORMETRICS
  • C. Hill-Esler (2013). Determinants of Process Change Outcome: An Exploratory Case Study Research Model. International Journal of Business Intelligence Research

Published Proceedings

  • Y. Ping, J. Fresneda, Y. Zhu, C. Hill (5s). . Key Opinion Leader and Business Growth: Econometrics and Machine Learning Approaches Advances in Digital Marketing and eCommerce, Springer
  • Y. Ping, C. Hill, F. Partovi (5s). 2016. Investing in Disaster Preparedness: Analytical Network Process Approach Northeast Decision Sciences Institute (NEDSI) Conference
  • C. Hill, C. Wu (5s). 2016. The Antecedents and Consequences of Automotive Recall Decision Making Northeast Decision Sciences Institute (NEDSI) Conference

Books & Chapters

  • M. Anandarajan, C. Hill, T. Nolan (2018). Practical Text Analytics –Maximizing the Value of Text Data. Springer