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Rick Laguerre

Assistant Professor, Psychology

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Research Areas: Aging Workers, Employee Motivation, Human Resource Practices, Research Methods, Occupational Health Psychology.

Peer-reviewed Publications
Laguerre, R. A. (2022). Minding employee pay equality policy perceptions. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 15(1), 73–75.

Laguerre, R. A., Barnes-Farrell, J. L., & Hughes, J. M. (2022). An examination of the predictive validity of subjective age and core self-evaluations on performance-related outcomes. Work, Aging and Retirement, waab038.

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Adekemi, S., Decker, R., Garza, J., Laguerre, R., Dugan, A., & Cavallari, J. (in press). Worker perspectives on the impact of non-standard workdays on worker and family well-being: A qualitative study. BMC Public Health.

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Todd, S., Reagan, L., & Laguerre, R. (in press). Health literacy, cognitive impairment, and diabetes knowledge among incarcerated persons transitioning to the community: Considerations for intervention development. Journal of Forensic Nursing.

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