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Douglas Larkin

Associate Professor, Secondary and Special Education

University Hall 2128A
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My current research agenda is shaped by a desire to strengthen the structures that support equitable and effective secondary science education in a variety of contexts. This is important because many reform efforts concerned with equity often seem to bypass secondary school teachers—and this is a situation I would like to address in my work. This agenda follows six thematic strands:

1. Culturally relevant high school science teaching
2. Science teacher recruitment, preparation, and retention
3. Assessing quality science teaching and science teacher education
4. High school science departments as sites for science education reform.
5. The preparation of teachers for juvenile justice settings
6. Teacher understanding of school finance issues in public education.


Science Teacher Education: Examining how knowledge for teaching develops in science teachers.

Multicultural Science Education: Finding connections between subject matter and student diversity.

Teacher Quality: Exploring the rapidly growing field of teacher quality indicators with a critical perspective.

Teacher Education Programs: Understanding the features of high-quality teacher education for multiple contexts.

The Preparation of Teachers for Juvenile Justice Settings: Examining how we as a society prepare teachers for our most challenging setting.

I am also currently involved with two different programs that are designed to offer high-quality science & math teacher preparation for urban schools: The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship program, and the Robert Noyce Teaching Scholarship program.

I am currently co-PI along with Dr. Sandra Adams (PI) from the Dept. of Biology and Molecular Biology on a $1.4M grant from the National Science Foundation for the Noyce Teaching Scholarship program, which will fund two years of study for 30 prospective science teachers who agree to teach for four years in a high need school in New Jersey.

In 2017, Dr. Adams and I were awarded a $50,000 conference grant by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to focus on science teacher recruitment, preparation, and retention. The conference was held at Montclair State University in June 2017. More information can be found here:


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