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Christine Lemesianou

Associate Dean, College of the Arts, Dean's Office, College of the Arts

Morehead Hall 121
BA, Adelphi University
MA, Adelphi University
PhD, Rutgers, The State University
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Dr. Christine Lemesianou joined the administrative team of the College of the Arts as Associate Dean in the fall of 2020 where she oversees personnel issues, budgets, and communications. She previously served as Associate Director of the School of Communication and Media (SCM) and Associate Professor in Communication and Media Studies for eight years, an interdsciplinary School that encompasses the areas of communication and media studies, television and filmmaking, journalism, sports media, and public relations.

Lemesianou was part of the Task Force that worked on the creation and launch of the SCM. Among her many professional accomplishments, Lemesianou brought together key constituents at Montclair State University to envision an interdisciplinary and forward thinking School. She provided leadership in the administrative launch of the School of Communication and Media, overseeing the creation of all its academic programs, its state-of-the-art new facilities, and a wide range of co-curricular and project-based initiatives that have promoted the growth and national reputation of the School. Lemesianou had previously held positions at Montclair State as department chair, faculty member, and program coordinator, and leadership roles as undergraduate curriculum committee leader, executive leadership team member for Middle States Accreditation, and member of the Committee on University Effectiveness and the Strategic Planning Committee.

Lemesianou’s teaching and scholarship focus on how various actors participate in and define the public sphere in today's digital, globalized world. She is interested in the role that emerging media play in the creation of more participatory and inclusive spaces for dialogue. She has presented her research in regional, national, and international conferences and published in academic journals. Lemesianou has expertise in pedagogy, instructional technologies, assessment, and community-based teaching and learning. She received the University Distinguished Teacher Award in 2012.

Dr. Lemesianou’s work has also extended beyond the university. She has done consulting work and conducted workshops on curriculum development, external program reviews, assessment of learning, and preparation of accreditation reports and visits for several higher education institutions.

Courses Taught:

Contemporary Issues II: National Issues (GNED 202)
Contemporary Issues III: Global Issues (GNED 303)
Fundamentals of Speech (CMST 101)
Going Viral (CMST200)
Theories in Media Studies (CMST205)
Introduction to Communication & Media Arts (CMDA110)
Theorizing Communication & Media (CMDA210)
Communication, Media & Gender (CMST 245)
Investigative Research Methods (CMDA 310)
Persuasion & Transmedia Campaigns (CMST 405)
Survey: Qualitative Research Methods (CMST 503)
Researching Public & Organizational Relations (CMST 502)
Issues of Public & Organizational Relations (CMST505)
Persuasion and New Media (CMST536)
Globalization and Contemporary Communication (CMST 580)


Published work includes:

Kelshaw, T., & Lemesianou, C. (2010). Emerging online democracy: The dynamics of formal and informal control in digitally mediated social structures. In T. Dumova and R. Fiordo (Eds.), Handbook of research on social interaction technologies and collaboration software: Concepts and trends (404-416). Hershey, NY: IGI Global Publishing.

Lemesianou, C. A. (2007). The old challenge of motivation: Critical pedagogy, communication, and a thematic approach to teaching. In L. W. Hugenberg, S. Morreale, D. W. Worley, B. Hugenberg, D. A. Worley (Eds.), Basic Communication Course Best Practices (pp. 53-67). Dubuque, IO: Kendall/Hunt Publishing.

Lemesianou, C. A. (2007). Persuasion in Advertising: Analyzing one of the public faces of corporations. Communication Teacher, 21(3), 87-98.

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Lemesianou, C. A. (2005). The place of politics and the politics of place: The reflexive construction of political identity by members of Generation X. Communication Annual, 61, 65-83.

Lemesianou, C. A. (2003a). Sign matters: The shift in semantic landscapes of the sign Generation-X through time. In H. B. Mokros (Ed.), Identity Matters: Communication-Based Explorations and Explanations, (pp. 31-53). Creskill, NJ: Hampton Press.

Lemesianou, C. A. (2003b). Identity Matters: Epilogue. In H. B. Mokros (Ed.), Identity Matters: Communication-Based Explorations and Explanations, (pp. 269-276). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.