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Christine Lemesianou

Associate Director, School of Communication and Media

Morehead Hall 121
BA, Adelphi University
MA, Adelphi University
PhD, Rutgers, The State University
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How do various actors participate in and come to define the public sphere in today's digital, globalized world? This fundamental question drives my work as a teacher and scholar at Montclair State University. Working from a critical paradigm, I use communication, media, and social geography theories to examine how individuals, corporations, the media, and varied publics engage communication strategies and impact how we construct public dialogue and public life. Of particular interest is the rise of the "network" society and the role that emerging media will continue to play in these power games.

I also have a passion for pedagogy and have done extensive work with instructional technologies, service-learning teaching, curriculum development, and assessment of learning.

Courses Taught:

Contemporary Issues II: National Issues (GNED 202)
Contemporary Issues III: Global Issues (GNED 303)
Fundamentals of Speech (CMST 101)
Going Viral (CMST200)
Theories in Media Studies (CMST205)
Introduction to Communication & Media Arts (CMDA110)
Theorizing Communication & Media (CMDA210)
Communication, Media & Gender (CMST 245)
Investigative Research Methods (CMDA 310)
Persuasion & Transmedia Campaigns (CMST 405)
Survey: Qualitative Research Methods (CMST 503)
Researching Public & Organizational Relations (CMST 502)
Issues of Public & Organizational Relations (CMST505)
Persuasion and New Media (CMST536)
Globalization and Contemporary Communication (CMST 580)


Published work includes:

Kelshaw, T., & Lemesianou, C. (2010). Emerging online democracy: The dynamics of formal and informal control in digitally mediated social structures. In T. Dumova and R. Fiordo (Eds.), Handbook of research on social interaction technologies and collaboration software: Concepts and trends (404-416). Hershey, NY: IGI Global Publishing.

Lemesianou, C. A. (2007). The old challenge of motivation: Critical pedagogy, communication, and a thematic approach to teaching. In L. W. Hugenberg, S. Morreale, D. W. Worley, B. Hugenberg, D. A. Worley (Eds.), Basic Communication Course Best Practices (pp. 53-67). Dubuque, IO: Kendall/Hunt Publishing.

Lemesianou, C. A. (2007). Persuasion in Advertising: Analyzing one of the public faces of corporations. Communication Teacher, 21(3), 87-98.

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Lemesianou, C. A. (2005). The place of politics and the politics of place: The reflexive construction of political identity by members of Generation X. Communication Annual, 61, 65-83.

Lemesianou, C. A. (2003a). Sign matters: The shift in semantic landscapes of the sign Generation-X through time. In H. B. Mokros (Ed.), Identity Matters: Communication-Based Explorations and Explanations, (pp. 31-53). Creskill, NJ: Hampton Press.

Lemesianou, C. A. (2003b). Identity Matters: Epilogue. In H. B. Mokros (Ed.), Identity Matters: Communication-Based Explorations and Explanations, (pp. 269-276). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.