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Eliza Leszczynski

Instructional Specialist, Mathematical Sciences

Center for Computing and Information Science 425D
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I teach mathematics content to undergraduate students (2001-present), including prospective elementary school teachers, and mathematics education to undergraduate and graduate prospective and practicing elementary, middle grades, and secondary mathematics teachers (2007-present). I have developed (and co-developed) and taught (and co-taught) professional development workshops for practicing K-12 mathematics teachers. I am currently transforming a course for middle grades mathematics teachers from a face-to-face to an online/hybrid setting.

In my research, I have been interested in the nature of teachers' and students' experiences in learning contexts that aim to blend disciplinary lines between mathematics and science. My most recent research project focuses on students' learning experiences in an undergraduate fractals course for non-mathematics majors, which, again, aims to integrate multiple disciplines in the world of fractal geometry and patterns.

In my work with students and teachers, each day I strive to convey my deep appreciation for the beauty and elegance of mathematical thought and experiences to all students.

Please contact me for information about our graduate Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics Certification, Certificate, and Masters Programs:

Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics -- Certification Program:
Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics -- Certificate Program:
Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics -- Masters MA Program:

As of Fall 2018, our Certification and Certificate courses, MTHM 505-509, will be offered in an online/hybrid format.


My doctoral research focused on STEM education, particularly on integrated teaching and learning of mathematics and science in the middle school setting. I studied mathematics and science teachers' classroom practices, where these disciplines were intentionally (and sometimes unintentionally) connected in a single lesson. I continue to be interested in learning about teachers' perceptions and attitudes about math and science integration, how these perceptions and attitudes affect classroom practices, as well as other factors involved in integrated teaching. I am also interested in researching students' learning experiences in STEAM settings.

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Research Projects

WindWalker Project 2015-2017

This study focused on the impact of open-ended activities on students’ learning experiences in an advanced physics courses. It involved implementation of activities and teaching methods developed to support creativity, inquiry, and active student engagement with mathematics and science.

Using Fractals as a Gateway into Student Learning of Mathematics 2017-present

This research project aims to better understand the ways that participation in HONP 104 Fractals and Infinity course can be used to both support and reveal students’ and instructors’ beliefs about, and understandings of, mathematics.