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Yang Li

Assistant Professor, Information Management and Business Analytics

BS, University of Science and Technology of China
PhD, Drexel University
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Dr. Yang Li is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Management and Business Analytics at Montclair State University. He received his Ph.D. in Decision Sciences from Drexel University. His main areas of interest are data mining, machine learning, and causal inference in empirical studies. Dr. Li’s research focuses on user behavior on social media platforms, online advertising, and informetrics. His teaching interests include data/text mining, statistics, cloud computing, and optimization.


Data/Text Mining
Optimization, Distributed Computing

Honors & Awards

  • IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM) Travel Award, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) (November 2019)
  • Best Reviewer Award, Omega: The International Journal of Management Science (January 2020)

Refereed Published Articles

  • Y. Li, C. Wu, E. Yan, K. Li (2018). Will Open Access Increase Journal CiteScores? An Empirical Investigation Over Multiple Discipline. PloS ONE
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  • J. Wang, J. Hsu, Y. Li, V. Gu (2023). Confronting Current Crises and Critical Challenges of Climate Change. International Journal of Sociotechnology and Knowledge Development

Published Proceedings

  • Z. Fang, Y. Li, C. Liu, W. Zhu, Y. Zheng, W. Zhou (5s). . Large-Scale Personalized Delivery for Guaranteed Display Advertising with Real-Time Pacing 2019 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining
  • Y. Li, J. He, C. Liu (5s). . Do Recommendations from Friends Matter? Evidence from Video Game Platform Proceedings of the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Northeast Decision Sciences Institute (NEDSI 2019)