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Joanna Madloch

Adjunct, History
Adjunct, Classics and General Humanities
Adjunct, University College

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Joanna Madloch has a Doctorate in Humanities from the University of Silesia (Poland). For the last nine years she has taught at Montclair State University, NJ. In her lecturing she concentrates on comparative aspects of world traditions and legends, and researches visual aspects of antiquity and its modern perception. She has published over 20 scholarly articles dedicated to comparative literature topics, as well as a book on Russian-American poet, Joseph Brodsky. Recently her academic interests focus on the juncture of verbal and pictorial arts with an emphasis on literature and photography. She explores the theory and practice of “photo-text” both in high-brow and popular culture, analyzing different aspects of incorporating photography into literary text. The produce of this latest fascination with photography is a series of articles dedicated to the picture of photographer in literature and arts, especially movies, in which she analyzed the character of photographer as an embodiment of cultural archetypes of a trickster and a monster. She is a dedicated photographer and her photographic works have been exhibited both in the US and Europe.


Comparative literature, Mythology, Photography, General Humanities