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Josef Mendoza

CHSS Grader (PHIL-Hampton), College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Adjunct, Philosophy

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Education: I hold B.A. degrees in Social Ecology and Comparative Culture from the University of California, Irvine; M.A. degrees in Philosophy from Boston College and the New School; and earned my Ph.D. in Postsecondary Adult and Online Education at Capella University.

Teaching at MSU: Ethics 102 and Logic 106. I aspire to teach upper-division courses on Native Pragmatism, the Philosophy of Comics, and Philosophical Investigations of Jessica Jones.

Current Research Interests and Writing Projects:
1) Environmental Philosophy and Water Ethics, 2) Hume’s Philosophy of the Finite Mind, 3) L. Maria Child’s Informal Philosophy of Public Education, and 4) Nel Noddings’ Ethical Philosophy of Education: Caring Beyond the Home.

Favorite Leisure Activities: bicycling, hiking, fresh-water fishing, theater, music, culinary and visual arts.

Research Projects

Nel Noddings' Ethical Philosophy of Education: Caring Beyond the Home


Lydia Maria Child’s (1802-1880) Philosophy of Informal Education

Work in Progress

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and its Contemporary Relevance for Health and Correctional Education.