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Marylou Naumoff

Assistant Professor, School of Communication and Media

Morehead Hall 130
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Dr. Marylou Naumoff is an Assistant Professor in Communication Studies and the Coordinator of the Fundamentals of Speech Program. Her specialization is rhetorical studies, cultural studies, gender studies, and popular culture. Dr. Naumoff’s research focuses on citizenship, race, and masculinity, specifically examining popular culture as a site of national discourse where citizens look to understand and construct American identity. She is currently working on a book manuscript that examines the impact of hip hop on American masculinity and national identity.

Faculty adviser to the Debate Club

Recent Publications
Naumoff, Marylou. "The Future is [White] Female: American Horror Story: Coven and White Toxic Femininity." Popular Culture Studies Journal (2018) V6,N3 pp. 263-285.

Naumoff, Marylou. “Loving Monsters: Understanding Horror Fiction Consumption as a Response to the Uncertainty of American Identity.” Monsters and Monstrosity in 21st Film and Television. Eds. Cristina Artenie and Ashley Szanter. Universitas Press, 2017.

Naumoff, Marylou R. and Erika M. Thomas. “Disturbances to Certainty: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Legality of the Pregnant Man.” Disturbing Argument, Selected Works of the Eighteenth NCA/AFA Summer Conference on Argumentation. Ed. Catherine H. Palczewski. Taylor & Francis. 2015.

Recent Scholarly Presentations
Naumoff, Marylou. “Assembling the Twenty-First Feminist: Bustle’s BHive, Data Mining, and Inventing Feminism.” Accepted to be presented at the Rhetoric Society of America 18th Biennial Conference, May 2018.

Naumoff, Marylou. “And Still She Refuses: A Rhetorical Examination of the Women’s March Response to Trump’s America.” 103rd Annual National Communication Association Conference, November 2017

Naumoff, Marylou. “Exploring the Uptake of Hustler Sensibility: Weeds and Breaking Bad as Discourses of the Self-Made American.” 102nd Annual National Communication Association Conference, November 2016

Naumoff, Marylou. “Break the System Before It Breaks You: Exploring the Contingent Rhetorical Possibilities of Hunger Games.” 17th Biennial Rhetoric Society of American Conference, May 2016

Naumoff, Marylou. “I Am Your Tomorrow: A Rhetorical Examination of Marco Rubio’s Presidential Bid as a Discourse of Capture” 17th Biennial Rhetoric Society of American Conference, May 2016

CMDA210, Theorizing Communication and Media Arts
CMST101, Fundamentals of Speech
CMST205, Race, Ethnicity, & the Media
CMST212, Introduction to Rhetorical Studies
CMST242, Speaking Culturally
CMST435, Special Topic: Rhetorical Democratic Practices
CMST350/435, Special Topic: Advocacy Campaigns, Theory and Practice


American Identity
Popular Culture
Cultural Studies

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