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Laura Nicosia

Professor, English

Dickson Hall 464
BA, Saint Peter's College
MA, Montclair State University
PhD, New York University
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I am a Professor of English and have disciplinary expertise in American literature, Young Adult/Children’s Literatures, popular culture, and literary theory. I serve as the NJ State Ambassador for the Assembly on Literature of Adolescents (ALAN) and am a two-term, Past-President of the NJ Council of Teachers of English (NJCTE). I am also a New Jersey Council for the Humanities Public Scholar and I travel all over the tri-state area offering workshops, presentations, and professional development seminars.

My most recent publications (all co-edited with Dr. James Nicosia) are: Notable Writers of the American West & the Native American Experience (Salem/Grey House P. Fall 2021),Critical Insights: Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 (Salem/Grey House P. Fall 2021), the two-volume Notable American Women Writers, which was named a CHOICE Top 75 Community College Resource for September 2021 (Salem/Grey House P. Fall 2021), Examining Images of Urban Life: A Resource for Teachers of Young Adult Literature (Myers Education Press, Fall 2020).

We have also published: Critical Insights: Virginia Woolf (Salem 2022), Digital Literacy (Grey House Fall 2022), Critical Insights: John Steinbeck’s The Pearl (Salem 2020) and have a contract for The Encyclopedia of African American Writing (Grey House P).

In the past few years, I have published peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on Cynthia Voigt, Gloria Naylor, Sarah Orne Jewett, Cynthia Voigt, Suzanne Collins, Neil Gaiman, Louis Sachar, Paolo Bacigalupi, Philip Roth, and Marianne Moore.

Other projects on my scholarly agenda are: a collaboration (with James Nicosia) on Memory and Trauma in YAL; a monograph on Gloria Naylor; a monograph on the works of A.S. King and Andrew Smith, and collection on the The Posthuman Chimera and Monstrous Other in Young Adult Literature and Popular Culture.

One of my most important pedagogical missions is to bring diverse voices (both in the characters we encounter by the authors we read) into my reading lists and syllabi. These include thematic focuses on issues around mental health, suicide, trauma, memory, economic disparity, race, and censorship.

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My areas of scholarly interest rest in Modern/Contemporary American fiction and poetry, young adult and children's literatures, diverse voices, science fiction, speculative fiction, and educational applications for social networking media. Some of my more recent publications examine the narrative constructs of Neil Gaiman, Louis Sachar, Philip Roth, John Dufresne, Willa Cather, and Gloria Naylor.

With my expertise in Modern and Contemporary American literature, I also serve as Volume Advisor/Curator for Gale Publishing's Short Story Criticism, Children's Literary Review, and Contemporary Literary Review. I have curated entries on numerous authors such as: A. A. Milne, Beatrix Potter, Frank Baum, Gloria Naylor, John Green, Laurie Halse Anderson, Louis Sachar, Suzanne Collins, Roald Dahl, Theodore Geisel, Roald Dahl, and Walter Dean Myers, among others.


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