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Sheetal Ranjan

Professor, Justice Studies

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Dr. Sheetal Ranjan is Professor of Justice Studies & Sociology at Montclair State University, USA and an internationally recognized expert on violence prevention and intervention, healthcare approaches to justice, and feminist approaches to justice. Her primary focus is applied and translational research.

Dr. Ranjan has procured seven point five million dollars in grant funding to establish community-based violence prevention and intervention programs and is founder of the Healthcare Approaches to Justice Collaborative at Montclair State University (

Her teaching interests are wide-ranging, including graduate and undergraduate courses in Research Methods, Statistics, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for spatial analysis of data, Community Violence, Domestic Violence, Victimology, and Juvenile Delinquency. She is an enthusiastic user of technology in pedagogy and believes that students should be equipped with the technological skills necessary to enhance performance in any sphere of life.

Dr. Ranjan is a recipient of the Distinguished Scholar Award from the Division of Feminist Criminology of the American Society of Criminology. She is an expert on the global roster of UN Women - End Violence Against Women (EVAW). She has served American Society of Criminology (ASC) as an appointed member of the Policy Committee (2019-2022) and as past chair (2017-2019) of the Division on Women & Crime (DWC) (now called Division of Feminist Criminology). In her term as DWC’s chair, she led its First Congressional Briefing at the Capitol Hill and its first participation in the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. Annual CSW panels co-organized by her have yielded three co-edited thematic special issues on its priority and review themes, and a fourth one is in the works.

Dr. Ranjan is an advocate of public higher education serving on the Board of Trustees of Bergen Community College. Through her trusteeship, she is chair of New Jersey Council of Community Colleges (NJCCC); and served as Northeast Regional Chair on the board of Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT). She is an appointed member of the New Jersey Sexual Assault Commission (2020), and has served on the Safe & Inclusive Learning Environment Working Group of the Office of The Secretary of Higher Education of New Jersey (2019). She was Member of the Education Transition Team of Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco, NJ (2014), and NJ Governor-elect Phil Murphy (2017).


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Violence; Victimization; Violence Prevention and Intervention; Coordinated Community Response; Healthcare Approaches to Justice; Feminist Approaches to Justice; Applied Research; Translational Research