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Meghan Robison

Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Conrad J. Schmitt Hall
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MEGHAN ROBISON (PhD, New School for Social Research, 2016) specializes in Political Philosophy and Early Modern Philosophy, with competence in Feminist Theory and Philosophy of Art.
In Fall 2020, she will teach Phil 333: History of Philosophy, Modern. In Spring 2021, she will teach Phil 295: Feminist Philosophy. In previous semesters, she taught classes in Social and Political Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Ancient, a Seminar on Theories of Agency.

Her research concerns the relationship between embodiment and authority in modern political philosophy. She is at work on two book-length projects: The first examines figurations of maternity in modern philosophy. The second offers an original interpretation of the exit from the state of nature in Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan by connecting the English philosopher's concept of life as a special kind of bodily movement to the contracts that form the basis of the Commonwealth. In connection to this project is her article: “The Appearance of Power in Hobbes’ Leviathan,” Scienza & Politica: vol. 31, no. 60 (2019). A pdf can be found here:

She is a member of the group Philosophers for Sustainability.

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