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Alessandra Rossi

Assistant Director for the New Jersey Center for Water Science and Technology, Biology

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I am an Aquatic Ecologist with a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Management. I am currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Scientist at MSU in the laboratories of Dr. Meiyin Wu.
My research is mainly about the quality of freshwater ecosystems and it focuses, in particular, on pathogen indicators, nutrients concentrations, plastic pollution, total suspended solids, and algal blooms. I am particularly interested in how the watersheds we live in affect the quality of our waterbodies, in particular in urban and/or underserved areas.
I am currently working on a project which aims at identifying the impacts of Best Management Practices on a segment of the Musconetcong River.
I am also a supervisor of the Eco-explorers, a program at MSU which delivers environmental education to students, educators, and citizens.