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Jack Samuels

Professor, Hospitality and Tourism

BS, SUNY at Cortland
MBA, Montclair State University
MEd, Temple University
EdD, Temple University
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Dr. Samuels is the most published author in the Theme Park and Attractions trade press from the academic sector with over 200 articles published in the last 20 years. He has been a pioneer in the integration of educationist the Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Industries.


General Management, Marketing, Crowd Management and Safety, Events, Sports and Entertainment Management and Marketing, Travel and Tourism, Theme Parks, Recreation, Leisure and Hospitality facilities management, ski areas, cruise ships, Customer Service, Market Research and Analysis, Tourism Planning and Development and other topics relating to the Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Industries


  • Analysis of sponsor fees in conjunction with the Wasserman Companies in NYC.
  • Currently writing an article about Covid for Journal "Visions in Leisure and Business"
  • Ebay Book
  • Ebay Leisure Habits
  • Increasing Revenue Through Experience Enhancement Services: Recently an article crossed my desk about new services that the Walt Disney Company was now offering in its Orlando Theme Parks. From a consumer oriented website the article was titled “New Ways Your Getting Upcharged at Walt Disney World” (Gilford, 2017). The title sounded like consumers were getting ripped off, but in reality it was just about optional creative ideas that guests could purchase for additional funds to enhance their experience.<br>
  • Influences of Marijuana Legalization on Tourism
  • Leisure and Alcohol Consumption Behavior in College Students
  • Merchandising in the Sports Industry
  • Safety Behavior in Theme Parks
  • Safety Management Manuscript
  • This article explores the impacts of Covid19 on the tourism, leisure, entertainment, sports, hospitality and related industries. It focuses mostly on long lasting impacts of the pandemic and has numerous ideas regarding the management and marketing of these interrelated industries in the wake of the crisis. It also looks at preparation for future crisis in these industries.

Professional Experience

  • Contributing Consultant, National Forensic Consultants, Hudson International, and Other Expert Service Firms (1979 - Present)
  • President, Tourism and Leisure Consultants (1982 - Present)
  • Experiential learning coordinator and program coordinator, Montclair State University (1982 - Present)
  • President, The Fun Doctors (2000 - Present)


  • Litigation Expert Consultant/Support, Maury's Piers. (March 2014 - March 2014). Provided consultation on a variety of pending litigations for Maury's Piers.
  • Other, TeenTravelTalk. (January 2010 - January 2014). Have been giving advice to Luisa Frey owner for over two years. She runs a teen travel site and is also the person responsible for our student sponsored travel show in Dec.2012
  • Other, FUNPLEX FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT CENTERS. (January 1999 - May 2013). Continually consulting and research. Pro Bono and some paid by barter. This year conducted specific general research on Day Camp Programs, Game Room Operations and provided general management and marketing advice throughout the period.
  • Management Consulting, Shandong Province China. (May 2011 - August 2011). Organized stateside conference for a delegation from Shandong Province in China on tourism development, marketing, etc. Developed two of the program sessions as well.
  • Management Consulting, ANHUI PROVINCE CHINA. (January 2011 - May 2011). Developed entire week long program of tourism consulting including attractions, hotels, etc. for Anhui Province. Recruited instructors and coordinated entire one week educational program. Program received television coverage in China.
  • Management Consulting, Bergen County Government. (September 2013 - September 2015). Appointed to the Bergen County Tourism Board.
    Major contributions to tourism improvement in Bergen Country.
  • Other, CONEY ISLAND/ZAMPERLA INC.. (January 2012 - February 2016). Provided various management and marketing consultations for trade of services for students.
  • Litigation Expert Consultant/Support, NATIONAL FORENSIC CONSULTANTS. (January 1992 - Present). General Information: leisure - safety. Golf cart ran over defendant's head, alleging poor golf course design. expertise on sight
  • Management Consulting, WALT DISNEY COMPANY. (January 1982 - January 2018). Served on the Disney College Program Advisory Board for two years and have served as an educational consultant to the College Program via various meetings, etc. for 32 years.
  • Litigation Expert Consultant/Support, S.T. HUDSON INTENATIONAL. (January 1981 - Present). I serve as an expert witness and write numerous analytical reports, conduct site visits, etc. regarding safety management in the Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Fields. This year I have taken on approximately 10 new cases.
  • Litigation Expert Consultant/Support, Boss v. TSI Highpoint, LLC. (February 2020 - Present). In accordance with your request, I have reviewed the report and opinions of Iohn S. Posusney, Professional Engineer (“Posusney report”) relative to an incident which occurred on Nov. 9, 2016 (“day of loss”) at the Philadelphia Sports Club
  • Management Consulting, Sunels Group International. (January 2011 - Present). I serve as an occasional consultant for Tourism Marketing, Management and Development for this company.
  • Other, Party City. (April 2012 - Present). Initiated project with Party City regarding Events Centers in their stores. Students will initially operate these as interns in their stores. A class project for ideas for this is being conducted currently.
  • Training/Education, BERGEN COMMUNITY COLLEGE/MEADOWLANDS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. (January 2013 - Present). Served as key academic consultant and developer of the Warm Welcome Super Bowl training program.
  • Management Consulting, THE FUNPLEXES OF NEW JERSEY. (May 2013 - Present). I provide a variety of management and marketing services to these facilities. Did it Pro Bono for many years, but am now on a small retainer.
  • Other, Riviera Maya Restaurants. (March 2014 - Present). Provide various marketing studies and management advice for a small chain of Mexican Restaurants. Compensated via barter.
  • Litigation Expert Consultant/Support, HUNTER MOUNTAIN SKI BOWL, INC.. (September 2015 - Present). ​On Tuesday, March 24, 2015, Mr. Heslop sustained catastrophic, nearly fatal injuries on the premises of Hunter Mountain: he fell while skiing and crashed into the unpadded metal post of a snowmaking machine, aka “snow gun.”
  • Litigation Expert Consultant/Support, Sudol v. Kay Burger Management. (February 2016 - Present). I have reviewed the report of Total Sports Consulting Services and the opinions set forth therein relative to an incident occurred at these premises located at 1 Park Ave. Lyndhurst, New Jersey. It is my understanding that plaintiff claims that she was injured on the date of loss allegedly due to the defendant’s (Kay Burger Management)
  • Management Consulting, Busch Gardens Williamsburg VA. (August 2017 - Present). Developed and assisted with the establishment of an Intenational Internship Program and domestic internship programs and field experiences for students.
  • Litigation Expert Consultant/Support, Sudol v. Kay Burger Management. (December 2018 - Present). In accordance with your request, I have reviewed the report and opinions of Alphonses J. Heraghty of Total Sports Consulting Services, LLC dated December 11, 2018 ("Heraghty report") relative to an incident which occurred on February 15, 2016 at the Burger King restaurant located at 1 Park Avenue, Lyndhurst, New Jersey ("subject premises"). It is my understanding plaintiff claims then 18 month old Toddler Violet Sudol ("Violet" or "Toddler Violet") reportedly was injured while sliding down a Soft Contained Play Equipment ("SCPE") slide that was part of the interior public use playground equipment located within the subject premises.
  • Litigation Expert Consultant/Support, ARAMARK SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES. (February 2019 - Present). It was reported that the plaintiff was injured on the date of loss allegedly due to the defendant’s (ARAMARK Sports and Entertainment Services) failure to control alcohol consumption, which resulted in consumption of alcohol by an attendee and co-defendant (David P. Taylor) that produced a blood alcohol content level that exceeded the legal amount for driving.
  • Litigation Expert Consultant/Support, Cloud, Michael, et. al. v. Brick Township Board of Education. (February 2019 - Present). a high school student attending open play in a gym class reportedly was injured while playing basketball In the High School’s designated competitive gymnasium.
  • Litigation Expert Consultant/Support, Brittany Saunders as Next Friend of Parker Saunders, a minor v. Richard A. Wadkins, et al., Super. (August 2019 - Present). In accordance with your request, I have reviewed the materials submitted to me by you r relative to an incident which occurred on July 28, 2016 at the Delaware State Fair concerning the fair management and Mr. Wadkins and Mr. Stubbs. My review included in whole or in part materials provided by counsel and materials researched by this expert:
  • Litigation Expert Consultant/Support, Diamond vs. High Exposure, LLC. (November 2019 - Present). In accordance with your assignment dated Nov. 8, 2019, I have reviewed the conditions related to the subject matter. It was reported that the plaintiff was injured on the date of loss allegedly due to the defendant’s failure to provide safe premises during a birthday party session on May 20,2017. This report summarizes my document review, investigation and analysis of the subject assignment, including my findings and conclusions.
  • Litigation Expert Consultant/Support, Santiago v. Planet 301 LLC. (February 2020 - Present). I have prepared this correspondence as my initial report to summarize my forensic investigation and analysis of the known facts and circumstances unique to this incident and all significant data and information reviewed to date.
  • Litigation Expert Consultant/Support, Hernandez, Michael by his guardian Hernandez, Hector v. Township of Woodbridge . (July 2021 - Present). Provided expert witness services.
  • Litigation Expert Consultant/Support, Brayden Santiago, an infant by his GAL Maireidys Morel vs. Planet 301, LLC and Center City Mall, et als.. (April 2021 - Present). I have prepared this correspondence as my initial report to summarize my forensic investigation and analysis of the known facts and circumstances unique to this incident and all significant data and information reviewed to date. My expert findings and opinions regarding this have been formulated within a reasonable degree of scientific, managerial and technical certainty in accordance with acceptable criteria for forming scientific, managerial, human factors or technical expert opinions.
  • Litigation Expert Consultant/Support, Hernandez, Michael by his guardian Hernandez, Hector v. Town-ship of Woodbridge. (January 2022 - Present). I have reviewed numerous documents, and other information and my experience in order to determine the nature, cause and liability of/for the subject incident. The complaint, upon investigation, focuses on the situation surrounding an incident regarding an injury sustained by the Plaintiff while doing a non-permitted activity in the Town’s Skateboard Park. The Plaintiff contends that the incident occurred due to a violation of standards regarding skateboard parks and the maintenance of such facilities.
  • Litigation Expert Consultant/Support, Brian Walsh, Esq.. (February 2023 - Present). Acted as safety expert in Hospitality, Tourism, Recreation, etc.
  • Litigation Expert Consultant/Support, Helene Ninivaggi v. PNC Bank Arts Center. (January 2022 - Present). On or about May 26, 2018, at approximately 7:30 p.m. the plaintiff was at the PNC Bank Arts Center in order to attend the John Fogerty concert that evening.

Honors & Awards

  • Holger Peterson Award, United States Collegiate Snowsports Association ( 2002)
  • Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America (May 1968)
  • Honorary Citizen of Walt Disney World, Walt Disney ( 1986)
  • Walt Disney World Faculty Scholar, Walt Disney ( 2001)
  • Walt Disney College Program Advisory Board First Emeritus Faculty Member, Walt Disney World ( 2002)
  • Dedication of Journal Issue, Visions in Leisure and Business (April 2020)
  • SUNY Music Commerative Project, SUNY Cortland (January 2019)

Refereed Published Articles

  • J. Samuels (1998). “An Examination of Certification Programs in Hospitality and Related Industries” . The Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education
  • J. Samuels (2009). Implications and operations of international internship/work experience programs in the leisure and tourism industries. International Journal of Global Business and Economics
  • J. Samuels (2009). An Analysis of International Internship Programs Based on the Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Industries and Directions and Ideas for Future Research. Journal of Business, Industry and Economics
  • J. Samuels (2020). : "How About Leisurizing the Shopping Experience". Visions in Leisure and Business
  • J. Samuels, Y. Wang (2021). Marketing and Operations Impacts of the Corona Virus Era in Tourism and Leisure Related Industries. Visions in Leisure and Business

Published Proceedings

  • J. Samuels (5s). 2009. An analysis of international internship programs based on the hospitality, leisure and tourism industries Society of Business, Industry and Economics
  • J. Samuels (5s). . A Comparison of Two Operating Leisure Oriented Mega-Malls and the Xanadu Project: Looking into the Chrystal Ball SOBIE

Books & Chapters

  • J. Samuels (2007). An introduction to safety management in the recreation, tourism and hospitality mega-industry. edision
  • J. Samuels (2022). An Extraordinary Ordinary Life: The Rock and Roll College Years. Onlinebookwriters