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Amrita Sarkar

Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Richardson Hall 225R
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My group aims to address a range of fundamental and applied problems in polymer and material science employing our expertise in monomer/polymer synthesis, nanoscale characterizations, and material design.

Recent Publications (From Montclair State University):
(1) Valmonte, Z.; Baker, Z.; Loor, J.; Sarkar, A. Concurrent Reduction and Stabilization of Graphene Oxide Dispersion by Silk-Inspired Polymer. ACS Appl. Polym. Mater. 2023.
(2) Sarkar A.;, May, R.; Valmonte, Z.; Marbella, L. E. PolarClean & Dimethyl Isosorbide: Green Matches in Formulating Cathode Slurry. Energy Adv., ​2022, 1, 671-676. (With Cover)
(3) Buken, O.; Mancini, K.; Sarkar A. A Sustainable Approach to Cathode Delamination Using A Green Solvent. RSC Adv. ​2021, ​11, 27356-27368.

Representative publications from post-doc & PhD:
(1) Sarkar, A.; May, R; Ramesh, S.; Chang, W.; Marbella L. E. Recovery and Reuse of Composite Cathode Binder in Lithium Ion Battery. ChemistryOpen ​2021, ​10(5), 545-552.
(2) Sarkar, A.; Edson, C.; Tian, D.; Fink, T.; Cianciotti, K.; Gross, R.; Bae, C.; Zha, R. H. Rapid Synthesis of Silk-Like Polymers Facilitated by Microwave Irradiation and Click Chemistry. Biomacromolecules ​2021, 22(1), 95-105.
(3) Sarkar, A.; Thyagarajan, A.; Cole A.; Stefik, M. Widely Tunable Persistent Micelle Templates via Homopolymer Swelling. Soft Matter 2019, 15, 5193-5203.
(4) Sarkar, A.; Evans, L.; Stefik, M. Expanded Kinetic Control for Persistent Micelle Templates with solvent Selection. Langmuir 2018, 34(20), 5738-5749.
(5) Sarkar, A.; Stefik, M. How To Make Persistent Micelle Templates in 24 Hours and Know It USing X-Ray Scattering. Journal of Material Chemistry A 2017, 5, 11840-11853.

Research Grant:
PI: ACSPRF UNI, "Structure-Property Relationship in Next-Generation Nylon Like Polymer", 09/2023-08//2025, $55,000
PI: NSF ERI, "Underlying Interfacial Phenomena in PFAS-Polymer Sorbent Adsorption", CBET-2138438, 02/14/2022-01/31/2024 $194,025.


(1) Nature-inspired polymers synthesis & their uses in advanced energy material fabrications
(2) Green solvent exploration in Li ion battery recycling

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