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Amrita Sarkar

Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Richardson Hall 348
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My group aims to address a range of fundamental and applied problems in polymer and material science employing our expertise in monomer/polymer synthesis, nanoscale characterizations, and material design.

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work & Publications:
1. Buken, O.; Mancini, K.; Sarkar A. A Sustainable Approach to Cathode Delamination Using A Green Solvent. RSC Adv. ​2021, ​11, 27356-27368.
2. Sarkar, A.; May, R; Ramesh, S.; Chang, W.; Marbella L. E. Recovery and Reuse of Composite Cathode Binder in Lithium Ion Battery. ChemistryOpen ​2021, ​10(5), 545-552.
3. Sarkar, A.; Edson, C.; Tian, D.; Fink, T.; Cianciotti, K.; Gross, R.; Bae, C.; Zha, R. H. Rapid Synthesis of Silk-Like Polymers Facilitated by Microwave Irradiation and Click Chemistry. Biomacromolecules ​2021, 22(1), 95-105.
4. Sarkar, A.; Connor, A. J.; Koffas, M.; Zha, R. H. Chemical Synthesis of Silk-Mimetic Polymers. Materials 2019, 12(24), 4086.
5. Sarkar, A.; Thyagarajan, A.; Cole A.; Stefik, M. Widely Tunable Persistent Micelle Templates via Homopolymer Swelling. Soft Matter 2019, 15, 5193-5203.
6. Sarkar, A.; Evans, L.; Stefik, M. Expanded Kinetic Control for Persistent Micelle Templates with solvent Selection. Langmuir 2018, 34(20), 5738-5749.
7. Xu, J.; Voznyy, O.; Liu, M.; Kirmani, A. R.; Walters, G.; Munir, R.; Abdelsamie, M.; Proppe, A. H.; Sarkar, A.; Pelayo Garcia de Arquer, F.; Wei, M.; Sun, B.; Liu, M.; Ouellette, O.; Quintero-Bermudez, R.; Li, J.; Fan, J.; Quan, L.; Todorovic, P.; Tan, H.; Hoogland, S.; Kelley, S. O.; Stefik, M.; Amassian, A.; Sargent, E. 2D Matrix Engineering for Homogeneous Quantum Dot Coupling in Photovoltaic Solids. Nature Nanotechnology 2018, 13, 456-462.
8. Sarkar, A.; Stefik, M. How To Make Persistent Micelle Templates in 24 Hours and Know It USing X-Ray Scattering. Journal of Material Chemistry A 2017, 5, 11840-11853.
9. Sarkar, A.; Stefik, M. Robust Porous Polymers Enabled by Fast Trifluoroacetic Acid Etch with Improved Selectivity for Polylactide. Material Chemistry Frontiers 2017, 1, 1526-1533.
10. Lamm, B.; Sarkar, A.; Stefik, M. Surface Functionalized Atomic Layer Deposition of Bismuth Vanadate for Single-Phase Scheelite. Journal of Material Chemistry A 2017, 5, 6060-6069.
11. Bilger, D.; Sarkar, A.; Danesh, C.; Gopinadhan, M.; Braggin, G.; Figueroa, J.; Pham, T.; Chun, D.; Rao, Y.; Osuji, C,; Stefik, M.; Zhang, S. Multi-Scale Assembly of Polythiophene-Surfactant Supramolecular Complexes for Charge Transport Anisotropy. Macromolecules 2017, 50(3), 1047-1055.


Block polymer derived functional nanostructures
Bio-inspired polymer synthesis
Li-ion battery recycling

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10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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