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Virginia Scott

Adjunct, Theatre and Dance

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I teach Clown at MSU with some movement, physical comedy and gestural language sprinkled in there. I have also created with students a treteau show for their senior capstone project and will be adding some nonsense and folderol to the production of Black Snow this fall. I wrote a book with Christopher Bayes about Clown: Discovering the Clown or The Funny Book of Good Acting, and am working on another provisionally called, What The Heck Is Clown Anyway?: A Clown Teacher Spills The Beans. Each new class is a new adventure as we go in search of some new clowns and discover new ways to communicate to the audience our joy, generosity and humanity.


I am a director, writer and teacher of physical theatre and comedy. My specialities include Clown, Commedia Dell 'Arte, Bouffon, Gestural Language/Treteau, Melodrama and Physical Comedy.