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Melanie Shefchik

Instructional Specialist, Public Health

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Melanie Shefchik is an experienced health educator, public health practitioner, and professor. She is a Registered Nurse, Certified Health Education Specialist, and Certified Lactation Counselor. Professor Shefchik teaches a variety of courses in the Department of Public Health including Maternal Health, Health Education Methods, Injury Prevention & Emergency Care, Population Approaches to Diet & Activity, Study of Human Disease, Internship, and Applied Program Planning & Evaluation. She is passionate about creating healthy communities and improving maternal and infant health outcomes through education, policy, systems, and environmental changes.


chronic disease prevention, public health nutrition, maternal and infant health, breastfeeding and lactation, public health nursing, health education


Research Projects

Seeing is Believing: Representation of Breastfeeding in Commercial Stock Photos

The purpose of this study was to examine who and what is represented in breastfeeding images available from a stock image bank.